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For this edition of Health Talks Radio, we celebrated Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week in Ontario by talking about the power of storytelling when it comes to dealing with issues of mental health. Host Diamond introduced the topic and welcomed our youth panelists to discuss the issues and the power of storytelling when it comes to dealing with our personal mental health concerns. Talking to our panelists, it’s clear they have dealt with their own struggles and that being able to talk about it has helped heal them. One of our panelists discussed that when she was young, she was diagnosed with bipolar and her parents immediately warned her not to discuss the diagnosis, to keep it quiet from everyone to which she felt as if she “had to wear a mask” around everyone, not being able to share her personal narrative. Another panelist discussed how talking about their personal journey has helped them heal and accept themselves as all they are. Identifying as gay, when they finally shared this news, they finally felt free to be their truest self.

The panelists were very passionate about this topic, believing there is a lot of power in telling their personal stories. Some of the questions covered were: Do you think there is significance to personal anecdotes when it comes to facing mental health issues? What aspects of mental health make it difficult to talk about? Why is this? Is it society that is to blame for the tension? How can we change the atmosphere around mental health when discussed? What can we do as individuals? What can the health system/ government do to implement this? What guidelines or ground rules should be set when it comes down to dialogue around mental health? One of our panelists believed that it was up to government to change policies and provide funding and resources to assist in the larger collective healing when it comes to mental health issues. We would like to thank our panelists Beverly, Kylie, and Travis for being on air to talk about the important topic.

To learn more about Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, check out the website: and be sure to use the hashtag #kidscantwait

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