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For this episode of Health Talks Youth Radio, host Travis walked us through a discussion on the Disney favourite “The Mighty Ducks”. About a group of kids in a local community who love to play hockey, they are the underdogs as they don’t find a lot of success in their team. Their last coach passed away and even when he was alive, he wasn't helping them out all that much. They since played for fun and never did anything serious. One day, a limousine pulls up where the kids are playing and stops all of them instantly. Out steps a man in a suit and a long trench coat, who tells them that his name is Gordon Bombay and he's the new coach. He's going through some issues at work and was told by his boss that he has to give back to the community and learn about teamwork- plus he hates kids. Through the interaction with the new coach and the untamed team, we see how both sides transform from the experience.

Discussing the movie, we wonder if Gordon has what it takes to lead a hockey team as he’s not great with kids, and had a really bad experience when he was a kid playing in a hockey team. Can he get over his own hurdles to be there for these kids that obviously need supervision? We talk about how this is a really helpful experience for him especially because this is his chance to fix his childhood issues by being the adult this time around, and treating the kids better than he was treated to break the cycle. We talk about when he is nice to the children, he is healing himself, because he is essentially healing his “inner child” in that way. Travis thought the sentiment was so deep. We were actively impressed by the presence of the coach, Gordon Bombay because he was such an interesting character.

In talking about other aspects of the movie, we looked toward what the team must’ve had to eat and drink to be at their top physical peak. But the food standards from then to now are much different, as we discussed amongst ourselves in our discussions. We noted that health standards were a lot more relaxed than they are now, because we know a lot more than we did before. We reminisce about the wonderful foods we used to eat as kids, especially praising Dunk’aroos, which are small biscuits with a side of frosting and kids are encouraged to “dunk” the kangaroo shaped biscuits into the frosting. Travis recalls a period of time when he spread frosting on bread and ate it, such was the way in which we ate back then. Reminiscing some more on great foods we ​consumed in the past, we thought about Half Moons, Twinkies, and Jos. Louis and the controversial pronunciation of that chocolate-flavored treat. Overall, we had a great conversation filled with entertaining moments.

We’d like to thank Diamond and Judy for being a part of the show and to share their insight into the psychological workings of Gordon Bombay, and the misguided food products produced in the 90s and their subsequent misguided marketing endeavors.

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