Catch da Flava Radio - The Digital World and its Effects on Mental Health

For this episode of Health Talks Youth Radio, Diamond hosts our panel discussion about how connected we’ve become in this digital world, and how it takes a toll on our mental health. Experts call sitting the new smoking, as people have become addicted to nothing- and especially through hours and hour of nothing. Talking about how we’ve become a culture of social media consumers, we see how youth are now wasting a lot of time consuming meme after meme the same way we used to consume TV show after TV show. Ranging from twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, the three big social media platforms, they chat a lot about how it has become such a norm and fixture in our ordinary lives.

Diamond asked a few questions of our youth panel including if they thought social media can affect our mental health and how, how much is too much social media usage, how has the acceleration of the internet affected social media consumption, what are some warnings about social media addiction, and their personal experiences with social media. The panel was full of interesting comments and queries about social media, and the strange mishaps that go on in our social media lives. Overall, it was quite an enjoyable experience and once again the time ran out too soon, as it always seems to do.

We’d like to thank our youth panelists Beverly, Kylie, and Travis for being on air and sharing their fun take on ​social media life.

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