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For our April 26th edition of Health Talks Radio, we had a panel discussion to talk about another youth, health and wellness related movie. This week we talked about the 2006 American romantic dance film Step Up, starring Channing Tatum as Tyler Gage and Jenna Dewan as Nora Clark. The film follows badboy Tyler and dancer Nora paired up in a dance recital that can determine both their futures. They must find a way to work together and set their differences aside. Their first practice was a rough one and ended earlier then expected. Nora watches curiously from a window as Tyler dances with his friends, mockingly incorporating a mixture of break-dance and the ballet moves he just recently observed. Our panel talked about the amazing way that two different worlds collided can create something even more phenomenal than alone.

Tyler's friends the brothers Mac and Skinny have always had Tyler's back and he's always had theirs. But when he starts to develop a love for dancing and is on the verge of wanting to attend the dancing school, things start taking a spin and loyalty as well as friendship is questioned. There’s a house party going down and the Tyler and Mac are invited while Skinny steals some wheels and hits the gas. The party’s bumping, music blasting and Skinny is being Skinny. Mac and Tyler are talking to the big boss when shots fire people are screaming, and Skinny has been shot and pronounced dead that same night. Tyler and Mac are scarred for life and promise to do better, to make something of themselves. Discussing their brotherhood, we see how these characters finally learn to grow up through tragedy in life.

Nora finds herself unexpectedly without a partner for her routine and starts auditioning some sophomore students to replace Tyler, but she then decides that none meet her expectations. Stressed and feeling like the world is going to end, Tyler approaches her during their dance practice and proposes that she lets him help her by letting him recruit some cool dancers that would help kill the audition. Nora at first refuses and asks if he's joking and explains how important this is to her and how much it means to her family. Tyler says its not a joke and that he completely understands. Tyler and Nora start to grow closer, with each practise and each teaching the other about where they're from and why they dance the way they do as well who inspired them. He also makes a new friend named Miles who just so has a crush on Nora’s friend, Lucy. Discussing this scene, we joke about all the romantic tension between the characters and how it helps propel them to become better dancers, inspiring us to be dancers too.

Tyler asks Director Gordon if she will let him attend the school, and she advises that he must prove to her that he deserves a chance. Upon hearing this from Tyler, Nora suggests that the showcase could also be used as his entrance audition. Director Gordon asked her if she was sure and explains that it’s all on her if he doesn't succeed, Nora says she's positive. The pressure is on now because everyone has something on the line. At first Mac didn't want to be seen in a school like that his belief that only the rich get in and he is from the projects. Discussing this scene, we see how teamwork and their collaboration made both their dreams come true.

We also discussed the many ways we enjoy dancing, what kind of dance style we would develop, how our name could even be a dance and to which song our dance would be. It was a fun discussion and really motivated us to dance and get our body active. We’d like to thank our panelists Beverly, Diamond, and Judy for being in studio and our host Travis for sharing the insight.

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