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For our April 10th edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, host Diamond sat down with the lovely and energetic Resident Babe, Stephanie Battieste who created the all-girls skateboarding group Babes Brigade. Stephanie was so excited to share all about her skateboarding group and what it does to bring new life to the skateboard scene. With a background in graphic design and fashion, Stephanie increasingly found more interest in skateboarding and started to post on social media when she would be out at the skate park, inviting and interested friends to come along. She subsequently developed a following that grew into Babes Brigade, a fun space for girls to gather and skateboard.

When asked why she wanted to create Babes Brigade, Stephanie said that whenever she went to the skate park, she often saw other girls there intimidated to be one of the few girls there in the skate park. Having girls together creates confidence for them to gather around and really learn the tricks of skate and learn how to do it even better. Best of all, she has a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to skateboarding, teaching lessons for girls on how to skateboard and having competitions for skateboarding. She’s learned that the all-girls culture has a different vibe and really helps girls that are going into the skateboard scene. She’s run down the technical aspects of it, what will be taught in skateboarding foundations like having balance and the right body posture to be successful in developing the skill.

We’d like to thank our wonderful guest Stephanie for coming on air to talk about the Babes Brigade and the extremely fun and cool way to get in more sports and exercise. For their next event, visit their visit at:

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