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For this edition of Health Talks Radio, Diamond led the panel discussion in the topic of recreational therapy, which is utilizing physical activity to heal holistically. We talked about the fun ways we used physical activity in therapeutic ways, the different sports and actions we engaged in. Diamond shared that she often drew pictures and did colouring especially after the passing of a friend. Another participant mentioned how interesting it is that we as individuals are drawn to certain activities more than others and wonder what it is that makes us gravitate to one activity more than another. Judy talked about how cycling has been very therapeutic for her, because of the feeling of wind blowing by.

When discussing the significance of team sports, we assessed that it is probably helpful because it forces people to work together, so has an element of social development. Travis mentioned that he has tried all types of sports including football and soccer, whatever he could work on. We all agreed that recreational therapy seems to be a benefit to us all around and that we’ve found it to positively uplift our spirits. When it comes to depression, studies have shown that many who go through it have observed an ease in their symptoms when they participate in more physical exercise. Physical exercise often releases chemicals into the body including the brain which then balances out the imbalance left by depression, so there are actual scientific benefits to recreational therapy.

We’d like to thank our panelists for being on air to talk about yet another interesting topic for this week’s Health Talks Radio.

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