Divas Girls Group - Sharing the Mic - Team Piece Writing: Part I

Divas Program Session 17:
“Sharing the Mic... Team Piece Writing: Part I”
This week’s Diva’s Program centered on exposing the young ladies to
build on their creative foundation, but doing with the help of another person.
What stood out to me most was that the whole session had an undercurrent
of teamwork and collaboration. Writing can be a solitary activity when
gathering thoughts and ideas, but what makes a piece richer and fuller to me
is working with another person. Sometimes, the other person may be on the
same tangent as you, or on a one but it is the saying of art imitating life.
What stood out to me was the Picasso in Pairs game, most of all. I observed
and assisted but I also played it. It was something that I remembered vividly
because the game itself was a game that forced connections to be built. You
had to focus on capturing the person’s face, as you drew but to me, Picasso
in Pairs was more about building a sense of trust.
There was a spoken word piece shown next that I loved because not
only was it about something young people go through – infidelity, lack of
trust, living in a generation where relationships are built and broken on
technology – therefore, making it relatable, but it was a collaboration where
the subject was spoken in an erratic kind of flow to make the audience feel
the ups and downs of this relationship. I felt like I was watching this
relationship slowly fall apart and then come together, before breaking the
fourth wall in what a healthy relationship should be between two people.
I liked that because now the Divas had to split into groups and I loved
that because they had been in this program together so long, they were
easily able to do so. By that, I mean that they were able to go off into groups
and talk about facets of their lives they couldn’t tell anyone else. One groups
talked about living with siblings in the home when I was an only child. I have
no idea how that feels so it was illuminating to hear and I gained some
perspective I will never experience. I also liked that some groups came
together to write about social issues like one of the topics being about a
bombing in Yemen that will be in the paper, but ignored because society lives
in a space where things happen so quickly.
For a look at how writing makes expression of life richer when more
than one idea comes together on stage, please take a look at Darius Simpson
& Scout Bostley, “Lost Voices”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?

By: Erika Kakrah

Date: January 30, 2018


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