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Jan 12th 2018

Session 14: Our Home on Native Land, Canadian History & Colonization

This week the Diva girls had a history lesson on Canadian history. The goal was for the divas to gain a clearer understanding of the dark parts of Canadian history and to learn ways we can recognize these parts while still enjoying what we love about Canada. Since we are just coming back from the break the divas first started off with circle rock talking about what they did on the holidays.

To start off the first activity the girls were told to write down all the words that you would use to describe Canada. They also had to draw what they think of when someone says “ Canada”. The divas were asked what are some misconceptions that people think about Canada and what is one thing they would change about Canada. After the divas shared their thoughts and opinions they watched a video poem. The poem “Love You Some Indians” by Rowie Shebala was about the cultural appropriation that happens in Canada.

The divas also learned about Indigenous people, Colonization and Manifest Destiny. This lesson was very important for the diva girls to learn about and after all that learning the divas took a break to enjoy a health snack. To end off the program the divas started working on a poem and the theme of the poem was “ What You Don’t Know About Canada”. The divas have been working really hard on their poem and are excited to share with everyone next week.

By: Alexis Augustine


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