Catch da Flava Radio - Seasonal Mental Health Roundtable

For the cohost Diamond led our youth team in a panel discussion on how the winter affects people’s mental, emotional, and physical state. She mentioned issues like seasonal depression, anxiety, and lethargy and asked the youth panelists about their own experience with seasonal ailments. Diamond highlighted one of the issues of the season known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) where some people depending on their biology, may experience a dip in their emotional state and render them to be in a state of depression during the winter season due to lack of sunlight and vitamin D. They mentioned different methods to combat the “winter blues” like sitting under a special lamp that is supposed to give the same type of nutrients sunlight does. They are discussed whether seasonal changes can cause different types of issues and which season is preferable, like summer and winter and comparing the two. ​

We would like to thank our youth panelists for this part of the show, Ahmed, Beverly, Divine, and Joel for being a part of the panel discussion and sharing their insight to our listening audience.

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