Catch da Flava - Net Neutrality

For this edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, co-host Diamond Bailey discussed the issue of net neutrality with our youth panel discussion, consisting of Beverly, Joel, and Johanna. Beverly expressed support for net neutrality, citing censorship as a major concern. Joel was overjoyed with the prospect of overturning net neutrality as he believes this will cause people to become detached from modern technology and talk to each other in person. He furthered express his disdain in the development of humanity, lamenting the loss of major entertainment product chains such as HMV and Blockbuster, to which Johanna expressed lackluster indifference.

Net neutrality is the concept that believes internet service providers should treat all data on the internet the same. So all content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication should not be charged differently. Consequently, it is believed that internet service providers should not be able to charge money, slow down, or intentionally block online content. The issue has been deeply contested in the coming months with the current American presidential administration seeking to repeal net neutrality. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will officially vote on Thursday, December 14th to see whether they should eliminate net neutrality protections implemented under former President Barack Obama. The meeting will begin 10:30AM EST.

We would like to thank our panelists Beverly, Joel, and Johanna for joining the debate and sharing their opinions on the highly contested current state of affairs.


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