What The Health?: Celebrating our Unique Bodies

What The Health?: Celebrating our Unique Bodies

Diva Girls Group

November 24th 2017

This week the divas started off with their favorite icebreaker, circle rock. Shortly after the icebreaker the diva girls watched a health slideshow. The divas were shown 6 photos on the screen and had to write down whether the person in the picture is healthy or unhealthy, privately in their notebooks. After they watched the slide show, Londzo and Maymuna discussed which photo were healthy and unhealthy and if the divas disagreed, they would have to elaborate on why they disagree.

The divas also worked on a “What The Health? “Pie chart. The divas were spilt into 2 groups; each group was given a piece of chart paper and markers. The chart paper had a big circle with four labeled quadrants. The quadrants were labeled as physical, mental, spiritual and sexual. At the top, each group had to define what the 4 versions of health meant to them. Once the groups were finished working, they presented their idea to the other group.

The divas got to enjoy a healthy snack break after all their hard work and watched a 5-minute video on health for the mind and body.

The last activity for the evening was a “Thank You Letter To Your Body”, the ladies thanked their body for everything that it does like fighting off sickness, or for giving them something to experience the world in. Basically showing appreciation for their body. Today was all about making the divas feel positive about their bodies and celebrating different/unique qualities that they all have. Next week the divas will continue working on “What The Health”? Part 2.

By: Alexis Augustine


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