Powerful X Nature - Women Abuse Prevention Month

Date: Nov 13, 2017
Hosts : Brianne, Seymouria & Victoria Guests : Mandy Bonisteel (George Brown College); Kevin Vowles (White Ribbon Campaign)
Topic : Women Abuse Prevention

November is Women Abuse Prevention month, and this week Brianne, Seymouria and Victoria lead a conversation to raise awareness about how to identify and help prevent women abuse with our special guests Mandy Bonisteel a professor for the past 20 years in the George Brown’s Assaulted Women and Children’s Advocate Program with a primary focus on survivors of sexual abuse as well as Kevin Vowles who works as Community Engagement Manager for White Ribbon. He delivers workshops, speeches and training to empower men and boys to take a stand against violence against women and girls, through a lively analysis of gender-based violence fuelled by unhealthy and toxic masculinity.

Before they went into an in-depth conversation, Seymouria shared some stats about women abuse in Ontario. Our hosts interviewed our guests about the different forms of abuse, why it happens and the length of time it can take for a woman to leave her abuser; the cycle of abuse and victim blaming. Our hosts also asked how women can leave safely and how to create a ‘safe plan’.

The second half of the show, the host led a discussion that involved questions about the warning signs of abuse; the supports young men can receive to prevent abuse and how men can be victims of abuse but how it often goes unreported due to the stigma of ‘what makes a man’ and how boys van be victims of violence by men in many cases. Additionally, we discussed sexual violence and rape culture and how the hash tags #metoo and #Iwill are flooding the internet after American producer Harvey Weinstein was recently in the news about sexual harassment reports.

Our music selection this week

1. Run the World by Beyonce

2. Scars to your Beautiful By Alessia Cara

3. No Woman No Cry By Bob Marley

For the women abuse crisis line, please visit

www.awhl.org, or call 1 866 836 0511

If you have experienced abuse, and would like to talk, the Assaulted Women’s Helpline at 1-866-863-0511 offers a 24/7 crisis support in over 200 languages, completely anonymous, confidential and free of charge. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911. ​

To learn more about Jessie’s Centre and/or the Community Education Program, please visit:


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Author: S. Rutter


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