Media Literacy Week - Day 2

For our November 7th show of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we sat down with Josh Dyer from Myseum Toronto, to talk about how Myseum is changing the way we connect through curated material. In celebration of Media Literacy Week, we talked to Josh about how Myseum utilizes information technology to create a new model of museums, as it travels from different locations, highlights different facets of city life, and uses the internet to share some of the highlights of Toronto.

This year’s Media Literacy Week theme is “Inclusion in a Connected World: A Place and Voice for All”. In light of this year’s theme, we ask Josh how he believes Myseum creates a sense of inclusion through their innovative new model of what a museum is. Josh shares that through pop-up exhibits, social media, the internet, and traveling the city, Myseum helps engage the narratives and stories that don’t often get told, that usually are ignored because it highlights different spaces through their pop-up exhibits, and so provide an opportunity to allow different voices to emerge.

One of those new spaces and voices will be Myseum’s newest exhibit on Friday, November 10th, called “Music From People City” showcasing the evolution of the music scene in Toronto, which will be held at TIFF Bell Lightbox. They will also have an event on Sunday where participants can come to Massey Hall, one of the oldest music theatres in Toronto, and get a behind-the-scenes tour of the area. All admission to these events are free of charge, and more information can be found on their website at:

We would like to thank Josh Dyer for coming by and hanging out with us in studio to share about this amazing resource we have in the city.

For the second half of the panel, cohost Diamond led a panel discussion on online activity for youth, covering issues like social media presence, cyberbullying, and how the internet has changed the social atmosphere. The conversation got very heated, with many participants agreeing that having an online presence comes at a high cost: many youth these days don’t know how to connect on a personal level, don’t appreciate the joys of the outdoors, and don’t know of simple pleasures.

In general the panel discussion, seemed to conclude that having a digital presence was inevitable, but it has to be balanced with moderation, to be used sparingly by youth, in order to not lose themselves in the online world. Panelists were deeply passionate about the topic, talking more in depth about it even before and after our recorded show.

We would like to thank our youth panelists Joel, Erika, Beverley, and Johanna for sharing their insight with us about what it means to be online in our modern world, in continuing the conversation on Media Literacy Week. For more information on Media Literacy Week, please visit their website at:

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