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For the second half, host Johanna talked to us about financial difficulties around tuition and the debt surrounding it. She spoke on the rising rate of tuition debt from students across Ontario, her personal experience struggling to finance her education, and introduced the guest for the evening, Zuberi Attard, who is a Carlton University student and creator of the tuition and bursary website​

Like Johanna, Zuberi had struggled with personal issues and financial constraints when it comes to funding his education, but with the assistance of others and applying to various scholarships and bursaries, Zuberi was able to finance his entire post-secondary education solely on the money he received from various scholarships and bursaries. ​

Zuberi gave us some tips and highlights when it comes to applying for scholarships and bursaries, such as distinguishing the difference between the two. He shared with us that scholarships and bursaries are not necessarily for students with high academic standing, highlighting a scholarship that was granted to a person simply for being tall! He also mentions that almost all of these resources are granted to those enrolled in post-secondary education, so emphasized the significance of taking advantage of the opportunities while we could while we were in the midst of our academic career, as so many students hold off on applying because of how much work it takes to apply.​

We would like to thank Zuberi Attard for discussing with us a topic that youth are deeply affected by, and sharing great resources and tips to learn how to get free money that funds post- secondary education, making it a little easier to complete degrees. For more information on how to connect with scholarships and bursaries, you can check out his website at: ​​

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