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For our November 21st edition of Catch da Flava Youth radio, we started things off with host Diamond leading a panel discussion on anxiety and how it plays a role in student attendance. According to a recent survey commissioned by Children’s Mental Health Ontario, interviews of parents and their children suggest that both age groups miss school and work to cope with mental illness, which explains why anxiety would be a barrier to social productivity, such as being present in school.​

We asked our panelists, Beverley, Erika, Joel, and Johanna some questions regarding the topic including how they cope with anxiety and stress, if they’ve ever experienced overwhelming anxiety, what they feel contributes to anxiety-related absences in school such as other life obligations, or pressures from school. Other questions focused on significant players in the issue, such as the school board’s role in aiding students, the provincial government’s resources and funding for mental health for youth, and parents in helping combat anxiety and stress with their kids.​

Many of the panelists agreed there were strong barriers to getting treatment. They shared their personal stories when it comes to getting help for mental health concerns and all the barriers in place, such as financial constraints, and timing- whether it was long wait times to seek help, or the long commitment of time it took to see treatment to its natural end. ​

We would like to thank our panelists Beverley Fajardo, Erika Kakrah, Joel Williams, and Johanna Brewster for being a part of the panel discussion and sharing their youth perspective on a very pertinent topic for youths today.​

By: Judy Pham​


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