Indie Game Dev Program - It's Back!

RPF Indie Game Dev Catalyst Club

After a break at the end of the summer, the Catalyst Club is back and on a year long journey.

For the returning youth, the first month of the year long program has been a time to wrap up on their summer projects while eyeing year long projects to start working on.  They're not beginners anymore, their ambitions have grown and they are building the courage (and skillsets) to start creating their dream games.

For the new faces, the first month has been a challenging series of mountains to climb, building their programming and design proficiency while also working through tough questions of choice like "what do you want to create?".  Having reached the summit of basic skill development, they are now eyeing first projects to begin working on and/or additional skill set to acquire.

Stay tuned to hear about the projects being developed and workshops being offered.

By:  Fernando Restituto


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