Catch da Flava Radio - Talking About Stress

For our October 24th Catch da Flava Youth Radio show, we started off with a panel discussion with Diamond Bailey discussing stress and how it can lead to mental illness. In studio we had Joel Williams, Beverley Fajardo, and Erika Kakrah to talk about their own experience with stress and how it can lead to more serious issues. Some of the questions revolved around myths or misconceptions of stress they know, “good” and bad stress, and whether there is even such a differentiation. Some participants noted that some cultures may not even view stress or mental illness as actual problems, and may go so far as to deem the individual “weak”. Some of the participants even noted alternative methods that can curb the negative effects of stress without turning to drugs, such as meditation. The participants shared their personal issues surrounding stress, some very relevant to their current situation, such as Beverley talking about an interaction with her parents that caused her to experience stress, and Erika sharing she will be going to a medical professional about issues involving stress.

We would like to thank our youth participants for being a part of the panel discussions and sharing their insight, opinions, and personal experience so we could understand the issues around stress and mental illness.
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