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For this episode of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, host Joel Williams interviewed guest Joshua Stribbell, President of the National Urban Inuit Youth Council. Joel asked Joshua a few questions concerning the issues around the Inuit population and why it seemed important to create an organization specifically for urban Inuit youth.

While the Inuit population are native to specific regions in Canada such as Nunavut and Nunavik in Quebec, this organization looks to help those living in urban areas outside of those native regions. In doing so, it helps provide them cohesion and a sense of community as the Inuit population is ten times more likely to commit suicide than any other cultural group in Canada, and is also the youngest population in Canada, with its median age at 24 years-old, according to Joshua.

Considering the extreme issues around health and wellness when it comes to the Inuit population in Canada, it is important to create resources such as the National Urban Inuit Youth Council to help provide a safe space for Inuit Youth as it seems to be the most vulnerable demographic in Canada’s mental health bracket. Some of their resources include seal skin workshops, sewing workshops, as well as storytelling. Joshua has noted that storytelling has become a vital part of the Inuit population’s healing and development, as it provides them a voice that had been taken away from their experience with colonization.

For more resources and to stay in touch with the organization, check out their Facebook page at:

We would like to thank Joshua Stribbell for taking the time out to come into studio and chat with Joel about the very important issues around urban Inuit Youth, and for a thoughtful, engaging, and informative discussion.

By: Judy Pham


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