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For this week’s October 10th show, Catch da Flava once again revisited the issue of mental health and students, hosted by Diamond Bailey with guest panelists Judy Pham and Joel Williams.

We talked about the demand for mental health services amongst Toronto's youth which contrasts with society's perception of this age group being relatively healthy. Additionally we discussed our experiences with mental health in a school setting.

With 70% of mental health problems having their onset during childhood or adolescence and young people aged 15 to 24 being more likely to experience mental illnesses and/or substance abuse than any other age group, we fully understood the growth of demands and acknowledge the many universities and businesses who are doing more to combat the lack of services for Toronto's youth.

Furthermore in respect to CAMH (Centre of Addiction and Mental Health) estimation of 4,000 Canadians dying of suicide as well as suicide being the second leading cause of death in this age group; second to accidental deaths; we address the need to better discuss the topic of suicide in classrooms. As we believe that what is said still leaves many in confusion of what to do when you or someone you know feels the need to commit suicide.

We hope with more discussion within not only schools but within any environment, that talking about mental health will then create a sense of understanding in which those affected by mental health can feel that they have a safe place to express their experiences.

For more information about mental illness : facts and statistics visit

We would like to thank Joel Williams and Judy Pham for being in studio to chat about mental health and their personal experiences in dealing with it as youth.

By: Diamond Bailey


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