Divas Girls Group - Jessie's Centre

Divas Media Group – Friday Sept 22, 2017

Today at Regent Park Focus, Sherry Rutter and guest speaker visited the Divas. Sherry is a youth leadership program leader at Jessie’s, which is the June Callwood Centre for young women. Guest speaker, a young mother shared her story with the Divas about what it is like to be a young mother and the challenges that mothers face. She also explained how Jessie’s helped her with her pregnancy, they even helped her get her high school credits and after she had the baby they provided her with supplies and daycare.

After the girls heard about the story they had many questions that they were able to ask. The guest speaker answered all their questions and Sherry spoke a little bit more about what is offered at Jessie’s.

The girls had a 15-minute break where they had refreshments and were able to chat. After the break the girls participated in a creative activity where they had to use words that described them to create an image. As a group they came up with positive words that described them, a few moments later they created a collage with all the words that they came up with, they added color and pictures to create a beautiful masterpiece. Overall, the ladies enjoyed their time here and are super excited for next week!

By: Alexis Augustine


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