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For this edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, Divine and Omar further discussed the difficulties of living in Toronto government housing and the way the system has treated community housing residents during the Regent Park Revitalization, as well as their personal experiences dealing with trying to get help with their homes.

In addition, they talked about the difficulty there is with underlying prejudice with the superintendents of some buildings. Divine mentioned one case in which a family of six people were warned with the possibility of being evicted despite there being homes in their building occupied by 10 or more people in a 3-4 bedroom unit.

They also talked about Regent Park’s silent policies about things that don’t particularly look “good,” such as bicycles being removed from parking spaces under the assumption of them being abandoned when they just seemed old or weren’t as nice looking, as well as another case in which Divine’s family wasn’t allowed to park their car outside their home with the excuse that it was taking up space while others were allowed to because other cars in the neighbourhood appeared newer and deemed more presentable.

Later on, Nicholas joined them to talk about his understanding of the Regent Park Revitalization and discuss his perspective as a non-resident, and inquired about methods of contacting someone in the Toronto Community Housing Centre (TCHC) to try and find potential solutions. While Divine and Omar explained that it’s unfortunately not simple, they took into consideration how it’s been a lot better than before in terms of communication, with there being initiatives from the TCHC with open panels in which residents can speak to officials and representatives directly, including questions and inquiries or giving possible suggestions that would best help the community.

Big thanks to Nicholas Ramsubick for coming on air to speak about these issues and his thoughts, and we hope this has been a good learning experience to everyone who joined in and listened to the conversation.


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