Catch da Flava Radio - Living with Disabilities in Canada

This week we talked to Author and Public speaker A.J Withers about how disability and poverty are connected and how we can make a difference in our community by speaking out and standing up for the less fortunate and the disabled. A.J spoke with host Divine and co-host Omar about A.J’s event that was held on July 20th, 2017 at 40 Oak Street in Regent Park.

A.J talked about what they discussed during the event including the accessibility and availability of good quality community housing for the less fortunate and disabled in Regent Park. A.J also talked about the social problems in Regent Park for disabled people. Statistics Canada shows that people with mobility issues often live in substandard accommodation. Standard housing is affordable, requires little to no repairs, and is not overcrowded. Affordability is often the most common problem.

A.J also shared where we can find their book around Regent Park and Toronto.

A.J’s book covers most of the topics they talked about during the event. A.J has worked on this book since 2001 and they also had some of their friends help them create the book. They’ve had a lot of inspiration to create this book.

A.J holds these events once a month on every third Thursday of the month. A.J’s next event is on the 20th of September 2017. If you wish to learn more on this topic, check out their website:

We thank A.J Withers for being part of our show and helping us learn about some of the disadvantages of living in Regent Park.


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