University of Toronto International Student Visit and Radio Show

International students show! Radio Regent and University of Toronto Summer Youth International English Program collaborated to produce an hour long live youth radio show. On July 19 th , a class of 15 international students aged 13-14 from Japan, China, Vietnam, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Brazil came on a tour of Regent Park Focus Youth Media Centre. As a part of their class activities, one of the tasks was to produce a radio show. The teenagers were very excited as none of them had ever done any broadcast before. In fact, most of them were visiting a radio station for the very first time. The students had done their homework well; all the content was fully scripted and ready- to-air. The class was divided into three groups of five students each. On the show, the students discussed issues, benefits and complicacies involving the internet and social media usage for young teenagers. They shared views on their favorite social media apps and reasons why they use them. To keep the show lively and fun, our young DJs played their favorite local and international artists music and songs!

Overall it was fun, cool and jolly show!!!

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