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This week on Catch Da Flava we talked to Lead Organizer of Toronto Mad Pride Tim Brown about the history of Mad Pride along with how this festival jammed packed with the art, culture and heritage of psychiatric survivors became what it is today. Tim spoke with co-hosts Judy and Diamond about events to expect during this annual event celebrating and advocating for those around the world labelled as “ mentally ill”.

We discussed how mad activists and the mad community seek to reclaim language ; such as “mad”, “crazy”, “lunatic”, “maniac”, and “psycho” ;just as the LGBT community have reclaimed the word “queer”; in an effort to challenge the discrimination they faced in the past and in the present day.

Tim also spoke about how Mad Pride week is held corresponding to International Mad Pride Day on July 14, and Bastille day in which during the French Revolution, citizens stormed the Bastille to liberate prisoners and  mad people.

This year the Toronto Mad Pride festival will run from July 10 -16  2017 and will host a number of events such as Art ,Tea and Cake at the Mad Hatter Marketplace Tea Party as well as the historic Bed Push & Parade, organized throughout the week that will surely  make your experience truly “maddening”. 

Check out more information about the rest of the events scheduled for the Mad Pride Week at

We thank Tim for being a part of our show and helping us learn about the mad community and the significance and history of Toronto Mad Pride!

By: Diamond Bailey

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