Divas Media Group - Make Up Tutorials

During this weeks Divas' Group (Friday May 19 ), the ladies from the program began by reflecting on last week's activities as well as the distribution of prizes for the winners from The Visual Arts competition. Winnie Payne, a Co-op student from Nortredame High School, judged the visual art pieces and she selected Sumeya, Fazra and Faduma as the winners. The young ladies each received a prize and posed for a commemorative picture.

Tusma Sulieman, a George Brown College Community Worker Student facilitated this portion of the workshop. The workshop theme was healthy skin and make-up application. Tusma began by demonstrating the proper way in which one cleanses, moisturizes, applies eye shadow, lipstick, bronzer, blush and mascara on the face and skin. The young ladies were then randomly placed into groups of two to work on each other and recreate a natural all day luminous look. The young ladies then spoke about the products they used to create the looks and share their thoughts and opinions on incorporating make-up into their everyday skin care routine. The ladies then discussed the short-term/long-term pros and cons to makeup use.

After the break, the young ladies participated in providing feedback and complimenting/empowering to each other. The ladies used this as an opportunity to recognize the positive traits (physical and non-physical) that one another had. The ladies bonded and enjoyed the workshop.

By Tavianne.
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