Divas - "You Are What You Eat" Intro

This week December 7th, to start off the Diva's program, faculty members asked the girls if they knew the difference between healthy and unhealthy food chooses. That question was followed by a variety of other questions that led to today's activity.

The Diva Girls were excited to learned that they were going to be apart of a new project called "You Are What You Eat". Too add to the girls excitement about this project, they were happy to learn they would be using a program called PhotoVoice that they have never used before. Regent Park Focus and the Centre for Additions and Mental Health better known as CAMH teamed up for this project.

"You Are What You Eat" was designed to show the youth within the community the connections of healthy eating and mental health. The purpose of the project is to show adolescents that the food chooses they make can have a huge impact in their life's both mentally and physically. This project will be continued on until March 2013.

The workshop that the Diva's did today was for them to make a poster demonstrating the foods they like to eat and do not like to eat. Over the course of the next few months, the girls will be taking pictures of healthy verses unhealthy choices, as well as foods they enjoy or dislike to eat at home, friend's house, school etc. Part of the project is giving the girls access to cameras so they are able to take pictures of these food choices.

Each friday seven girls will be assigned camera's from Regent Park Focus to take home over the weekend and are excepted to return them Monday afternoon to Regent Park Focus. Overall the Diva Girls had a really fun day and can't wait until next week to see what other "You Are What You Eat" workshops are in stores for them.

- Danielle A.


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