Divas - March Break

Today at Divas they had a blast with two activities in one day. The first activity was from 1-4, which the girls did a skit about something they did in the March Break or a fun activity they did the starting of 2011. Next, they played two ice breakers (stand up/tree common). The first ice breaker was everyone stands up if the question relates to them. The other ice breaker was to slit into three groups to get to know each other by three things in common. Also we put each girl into two groups to discuss about Healthy Eating and they had 10 minutes to brain storm about Healthy Eating. Then they discuss the importance of Healthy Eating by staring of with breakfast is the most important meal of the day and eat less junk food.

The second activity was from 4-6. Michelle went over the rules. Adding a new rule to the divas girls program which is the three strike rule: 1 strike is a warning, 2 strike is a call to parents and 3 strike is miss a diva night. We celebrated Fazeela and Jennifer birthday by having a vanilla cake. Finally, the girls played a game to end off the day of March break.


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