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3D Modeling - Organic Modeling

1. Setting Project folder on the desktop and MAYA (3d software) and how to be organized when working on a project.

2, Then,the class learnt how to clean up images in Photoshop(Organic Modelling) and the eventual importation into Maya to start modelling.

The Students were beaming with interest,enjoyed the class as its a new area though tasking.
Next week we hope to put some finishing touches into these by revising this topic.

- Jude

Music Production - February in Review

Hi everyone! In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new music specialist at Regent Park
Focus, it’s me - Will Hunter!

I have a long history in working in music as an educator, composer, performer and
recording artist on guitar and keys. I have two degrees - one in classical guitar performance
(York University) and another in education (OISE). I am excited to share and learn in a new

So far, students have come from across Toronto - some have had a very general interest
in learning about music, while others have had very specific questions, one student asked in
depth about recording vocals, and one student asked me to help him learn more about the
Cuban guitar instrument - the tres!

It’s always exciting being asked questions that I don’t know the answer - sometimes the
most difficult part about learning something new is knowing what aspects to hone in on, which is
where I’m always happy to help my students.

A lot of students are working on creating songs on Logic Pro and a lot…

Catch da Flava Radio - Parkour

For our Thursday, March 15th show of Health Talks Radio, we talked about the death defying sport known as Parkour. Parkour is a training discipline using movement developed from military obstacle course training. It’s the idea that the person wants to get from one point to another in a complex environment without assisting equipment, so they just use their bodies in the fastest and most efficient way possible. It includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling and such- so movements that involve using your arms and legs all at once.

It was developed from the military and gives it some aspects of a non-combative martial art. It can be practised alone or with others and usually in urban spaces. What’s great about it is that it involves seeing the environment in a new way, imagining the potential for movement around the space. It was developed in France mostly by Raymond Belle and then his son and their group of friends during the 80's. It has since been p…

Catch da Flava Radio - Collective Future

For our March 13th show of Catch da Flava Radio, our host Diamond talked to Kevin McGregor who is a partner at Collective Future which is an organization that looks to create programming for organizations that empower youth. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience with traveling and helping kids in different ways, teaching them to heal through play and build resilience. Diamond asked him a few interesting questions about his work and what he does, how he helps kids around the world facing different life circumstances and how to build resilience as kids. He’s been to places like Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Ethiopia, and Uganda. He’s helped kids in organizations like Right to Play, and trained as a safe TALK facilitator to help people facing thoughts and issues of suicide.

In discussing his experience working with children, Kevin mentions the reason why “play” has been effective in helping children going through extreme life circumstances is because “kids just want to have fun”, recall…

Catch da Flava Radio - Gridiron Movie Review

I’m sure we all love talking about movies that inspire us to do better and be better. For our March 8th show, me and other youth members from Radio Regent took part in a panel discussion about a movie called Gridiron. Gridiron is about a counselor (The Rock) at a juvenile detention facility who decides to turn the young inmates in his charge into a football team to give them a sense of self-respect and social responsibility, but he faces opposition from high-school coaches who do not want their players facing criminals on the field. The outcome was pretty hilarious as well as interesting because we had more females than males on the panel. One of the questions asked was if you had a child that was in & out of jail or just giving trouble at home and was enrolled in the Gridiron challenge without say, how would you feel? One of the ladies said that they would question their parenting skills or themselves because as much as he gives trouble, would they really want to risk h…

Catch da Flava - Sex Ed In Schools

For this edition of Health Talks Radio, host Diamond talks to us about sexual health and what we learned through school and institutions. When asking about our earliest experience learning about sex, each panelist talked about their diverse and oftentimes hilariously confusing experiences. Erika talked about how her parents lied about how she was mailed to them in a box, and Divine talked about his understanding of it through the stork and then learning the truth through ruthless classmates. The panel talked more about their earliest memories learning about sexual health in school, and how early it started. When discussing their first lessons on their menstrual cycle, Erika took it up another level sharing a news article on a young girl who used a tampon for nine whole days without removing it from her body, causing toxic shock syndrome and the tampon being “disintegrated.”​

Talking about other issues in the body, the panel talked about the effective and ineffective things they…

Catch da Flava - Casey House - HIV/AIDS Hospital

For this episode of Catch da Flava Youth Radio on Radio Regent, we had host Diamond talk to CEO of Casey House, Joanne Simons. Casey House is the only HIV/AIDS hospital in Toronto and specializes in helping those in the more severe levels of HIV/AIDS. Named after Canadian journalist, author and activist June Callwood’s son Casey, the hospital has been in Toronto since 1988- almost thirty years! Diamond asked a lot of questions about what Casey House does to help those living with HIV/AIDS and what we should know about HIV/AIDS in general to broaden our understanding and compassion toward those living with HIV/AIDS.

When asking about HIV/AIDS, Joanne shared with us that is predominantly transmitted through sexual activity and substance abuse such as the use of shared needles. HIV/AIDS stands for Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome. With no known cure for the condition, those who are diagnosed with it can take measures to take care of t…

Session 21: Polishing up: FINAL WORK PERIOD!

The Diva Girls Group

Session 21: Polishing up: FINAL WORK PERIOD!

March 2nd, 2018

Today was another fun day with the Divas. The Divas got warmed up with another game of charades. This time it was a bit different. The Divas had 30 seconds to act out an action and whoever got the answer correctly got a point. The person with the most points by the end of the game wins.

The Divas had their last chance to work on their poems and discuss what is going to be happening for the next couple of weeks before the showcase. The Divas were encouraged to have their poems memorized for next week’s session because they will practice them along with dress rehearsal.

For the remainder of the session the Divas had a snack break along with the continuance of writing their solo and team pieces for the showcase on March 23rd.

By: Jade Mkhonza