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For our March 13th show of Catch da Flava Radio, our host Diamond talked to Kevin McGregor who is a partner at Collective Future which is an organization that looks to create programming for organizations that empower youth. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience with traveling and helping kids in different ways, teaching them to heal through play and build resilience. Diamond asked him a few interesting questions about his work and what he does, how he helps kids around the world facing different life circumstances and how to build resilience as kids. He’s been to places like Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Ethiopia, and Uganda. He’s helped kids in organizations like Right to Play, and trained as a safe TALK facilitator to help people facing thoughts and issues of suicide.

In discussing his experience working with children, Kevin mentions the reason why “play” has been effective in helping children going through extreme life circumstances is because “kids just want to have fun”, recalling the essence of an old Cyndi Lauper song. Like any regular kid, they just want to be silly and have their childhood, even if they are going through difficult circumstances. As a safe TALK facilitator, he discusses those that know the person thinking suicidal should reach out and have that difficult discussion about what they are going through. He also mentions the helpline should anyone feel the need to talk about it if they have no support system at 416-408-HELP

We’d like to thank Kevin McGregor for being on the show and sharing about his experience working with children through play.

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