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For this episode of Catch da Flava Youth Radio on Radio Regent, we had host Diamond talk to CEO of Casey House, Joanne Simons. Casey House is the only HIV/AIDS hospital in Toronto and specializes in helping those in the more severe levels of HIV/AIDS. Named after Canadian journalist, author and activist June Callwood’s son Casey, the hospital has been in Toronto since 1988- almost thirty years! Diamond asked a lot of questions about what Casey House does to help those living with HIV/AIDS and what we should know about HIV/AIDS in general to broaden our understanding and compassion toward those living with HIV/AIDS.

When asking about HIV/AIDS, Joanne shared with us that is predominantly transmitted through sexual activity and substance abuse such as the use of shared needles. HIV/AIDS stands for Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome. With no known cure for the condition, those who are diagnosed with it can take measures to take care of themselves while they live with it, and take medication that assists in reducing the effects of the condition.

Joanne shares with us that Casey House helps to improve preventative measures when it comes to HIV/AIDS which means helping to stop it from happening before it happens. This means looking at the causes that bring patients to contract HIV/AIDS, which often comes from socioeconomic and cultural conditions that lead them to choices that lead to making them vulnerable to poor health. Due to the high stigma around HIV/AIDS Carey House looks at trying to promote wellbeing and the dignity of those living with HIV/AIDS. Casey House is looking for support and always welcomes donations, so anyone looking to help fund a very important hospital and its cause, please visit their website at:

We’d like to thank our guest, CEO of Casey House Joanne Simons for being a part of our show and providing such an insightful and thoughtful conversation that enriches the knowledge of our audience.

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