Catch da Flava - "Remember the Titans"

For this edition of Health Talks Youth Radio, we talked about the movie "Remember the Titans" and how the power of sports can really help change a community for the better by applying the principles of the game to interpersonal relationships.
“Remember the Titans” is about the first football team that integrated black and white students in Virginia. The movie shows that through sports and in this case, football, working as a sports team helped teach students how to unite not just as team players, but as a human collective. It shows how a sports team really did change humanity for the better. A few of the questions asked during the show were:

In the beginning we see a team that’s all white, and then cuts to when segregation is being lifted and they hire a Black head coach, so how did you think it would work out did you predict it would work out pretty much the way it did or did you have another idea in mind? What are your thoughts? How do you think the little girl who loves foot…

Catch da Flava - Nutrition in the Modern Age

For this episode of Health Talks Youth Radio, host Diamond shared on the topic of healthy eating and good nutrition and how kids these days can go about doing that with the hectic lives they live. She discussed the importance of vitamins and minerals in one’s diet, like having calcium for example for strong bones and healthy white teeth especially because young people are still growing so it would be an essential for their diets. Diamond looks to address Millenials in this conversation, asking questions that include:
How do you think today's youth view health and nutrition as a whole? Do we as a generation seem to take our health of granted? When does healthy eating become dangerous? What are the issues and problems associated with eating too much junk food and not enough healthy foods. There’s little use denying the fact - social media affects your health. Be it physically, psychologically, or a dangerous combination of the two, our addiction to our screens can have some pretty dire…

Catch da Flava - Kids' Nutrition

For our June 12th episode of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, host Diamond introduced the show with a segment interviewing her mom Rona Bailey who happens to be a her mom and the Student Nutrition Coordinator at Nelson Mandela Park Public School, which is just next door to our radio studio. Rona has worked for years a nutritionist, preparing meals for kids and young ones- even preparing meals for child stars on hit TV show “Degrassi”! So she has a great deal of experience when it comes to sharing how kids can learn to eat better. Diamond had a lot of great questions to ask Rona about her role to assist in the healthy lifestyles of students. Some of the questions Diamond asked were:
What is your role as a student nutrition coordinator at Nelson Mandela Park Public School? What do you do? As the student nutrition coordinator you can't just whip up anything, there are some guideline that have to be met. What are the requirements relating to food and nutrition in schools? Some kids are happy …

PowerfulXNature: Sexual and Reproductive Health

Date:  June 11, 2018
Hosts:  Jeneace
Guests:  Frédérique the Director of Health Promotion with Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights and Jackie Coakes from Toronto Public Health
Topic:  Sexual and Reproductive Health

This week, Jeneace led a conversation on Sexual and Reproductive Health with special guests from Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights and Toronto Public Health. With Fred from Action Canada, we talked about why comprehensive sexual education and sexual health resources empower people to lead happy and healthy lives and have safer sex. We talked about the stigma surrounding abortion, the most common gynecological procedure in Canada, and the history and struggle that led to the legalization of abortion in Canada although access to abortion remains unevenly distributed across the country to this day. 
In the second half of the show, Jeneace talked to Jackie about Toronto Public Health’s work, STI information that young people should know and where to get free or low c…

Catch da Flava Radio - Little Giants

For this edition of Health Talks Youth Radio, host Travis introduced us to the topic for this show which was the movie “Little Giants” starring Ed O’Neil as the bullying big brother Kevin and Ricky Moranis as tender-hearted devoted little brother Danny. Coming from a small town, both boys had a love for football, but Kevin excelled in the sport while Danny was cast off to the sidelines. As adults, Kevin continues to succeed, owning a car dealership and being the coach of peewee football in their small town after having a successful career in football. Danny’s daughter Becky aka Ice Box grows up with a strong love of football too but doesn’t end up getting chosen. Consequently, Becky is motivated to play and gets her dad to coach a new team called the “Little Giants”, a group of misfits in the neighbourhood he has to somehow whip into shape and teach football to and hopefully win. Eventually after all the heated sibling rivalry, Kevin ends up betting his car dealership and Da…

Catch da Flava Radio - Provincial Elections 2018

For this edition of Health Talks Youth Radio, host Diamond introduces the topic of the upcoming elections for our show, now that the provincial elections for Ontario will come up June 7th. In discussing the role of youth, Diamond mentions that youth barely make it out to the polls and not often part of the voting demographic despite being legally able to vote. As a consequence, their voice is not often heard, yet their potential impact could be great. Diamond mentions that In the 2015 federal election, voter turnout among youth 18 to 24 went up by an impressive 18 per cent, but overall voter participation among youth remained nine per cent below the average for all other voters. That speaks volumes to how much we need to have our voice heard and exercise doing so.

Some of the questions we asked our panelists were:

1. What are your thoughts on youth not voting when it come to elections in general? Do you vote?

2. It’s easy for young people to be cynical about politics. On top of…

Catch da Flava Radio - Counterpoint Counselling and Educational Cooperative

For our June 5th edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, our host Diamond introduced representatives from Counterpoint, Blanca Alvarado, Clara Castillo, and Bruce Scavuzzo to talk about the services available at the organization. Counterpoint Counselling and Educational Cooperative is an organization whose mission is to provide holistic programming for men, women and children that transforms the causes and consequences of domestic violence. To achieve this mission, they offer educational programming to perpetrators of domestic violence, and provide survivors with a comprehensive system of support. Counterpoint also contributes to community development efforts through community education and coalition buildings. Welcoming into studio, Diamond asked them a few questions which include:

1. Can you tell us about Counterpoint and what the organization does?

2. What are the resources for women trying to overcome circumstances of intimate partner abuse? How do you help children invol…

Music Production - May 2018

Nothing makes an instructor happier than students coming in to do work all on their own - which has been happening more and more at Regent Park Focus's music production program.

Students have been working on bed tracks for their friends to try rapping over and some students have even started to record themselves rapping in our class! No finished projects yet - perfectionism is every artist's greatest motivator and hurdle.

Catch da Flava Radio - Kicking and Screaming

For this episode of Health Talks Radio, host Travis chatted with Judy about the hilarious sports comedy “Kicking and Screaming” starring Will Ferrell. Centred around the dysfunctional grown adult Phil Weston and his traumatic relationship to his father who always wants to “win”, Phil never feels adequate enough living under the shadow of his father’s enormous ego. In constant competition, Phil’s first son is born the same day his father has another child, and who then grow up to be on the same soccer team coached by Phil’s father. His son is always benched, while Phil’s brother always plays in the games, until his son is traded for the gang of misfit soccer team The Tigers. Eventually, Phil is cast as their coach and he is directly in competition with his father, feeling an urge to prove himself once more. Falling from grace, losing his compassionate and kind nature and adopting a competitive streak full of anger and aggression toward everyone including his son, and inexplicably d…

Divas Girls Group - Resiliency Session

Divas Session May 18, 2018
Resiliency Session
This week’s session was great! Chris Leonard, a former community worker from Regent Park came back again to facilitate a resiliency workshop. When I contacted Chris for another session she was happy as it provided another opportunity for her to give back to the youth and the Regent Park community.  The session began with a check-in around the day or setbacks in the week. Some girls said they had a good day, some said they didn’t have a good day, and one girl said she had a stressful week at school. Chris mentioned to the girls that in life things and stuff will happen which will set them back, however if they view the experience in a positive light they can overcome it; eg .you failed the test, no problem, it’s one test, you’ll overcome it – resilient! Another example is:you know something isn’t right and you need help; so you reach out to get the help you need –resilient! 

Chris also mentioned that as human beings we can be judgmental…

Powerful X Nature - Affordable Housing in Toronto

Date: May 28, 2017
Hosts : Jeneace & Moya
Topic : Affordable Housing

This week, Moya and Jeneace talked about the importance of Affordable Housing with our guests Iris and Sofia from Jessie’s Housing Program and Stephanie, a young mother and Jessie’s participant.

In Toronto, 46% of tenants spend more than 30% of their income on rent and utilities while almost 25% spend more than 50% of their income on rent and utilities. Moya and Jeneace asked Iris and Sofia to break down why rent keeps rising in Toronto, the ways government controls rent increases and what happens when people get displaced from their homes because they can’t afford their rent. We talked about why housing affordability is critical not only because everyone deserves safe, affordable housing but because housing affordability means people don’t have to skip out on groceries for a week because they don’t have enough to pay rent and buy food. The team also dove into the importance and crisis in subsidized h…

Catch da Flava Radio - The Digital World and its Effects on Mental Health

For this episode of Health Talks Youth Radio, Diamond hosts our panel discussion about how connected we’ve become in this digital world, and how it takes a toll on our mental health. Experts call sitting the new smoking, as people have become addicted to nothing- and especially through hours and hour of nothing. Talking about how we’ve become a culture of social media consumers, we see how youth are now wasting a lot of time consuming meme after meme the same way we used to consume TV show after TV show. Ranging from twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, the three big social media platforms, they chat a lot about how it has become such a norm and fixture in our ordinary lives.

Diamond asked a few questions of our youth panel including if they thought social media can affect our mental health and how, how much is too much social media usage, how has the acceleration of the internet affected social media consumption, what are some warnings about social media addiction, and their pe…

Catch da Flava Radio - Emoji Health

For our May 29th episode of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we had host Diamond sit down with the bubbly, fun, and charming Tatiana Prisiajny chatting about her role at Emoji Health and what the new app does to change and innovate the healthcare landscape. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that utilizes chatbots, this new app will give out information to those who engage with it when it comes to health related issues. Whether you have questions about sexual health, depression, diabetes, exercise, and more, it has something fun and informative to share for youth looking for health tips online, and especially through social media. This elevates the roles of the internet in contributing to public health by utilizing social media which is only starting to see its full potential. The chatbot works on Facebook and KIK and targets a youth audience by utilizing language they can understand- and especially emojis.

Tatiana talks about the way this new app changes our understand…

Catch da Flava Radio - A League of Our Own

For our May 24th episode of Health Talks Youth Radio, host Travis chatted with us about the movie “A League of Our Own”. Set during the second world war, the movie showcases a feisty and indomitable league of female baseball players that were slated to play in the major leagues as men were shipped of to war. Filling in the void, the women prove themselves to be just as capable, just as talented, and just as dramatic. Tension flares between the two sisters who come to the league together, Dottie and Kit, with younger sister Kit resentful that she always lives in the shadows of her sister’s effortless excellence. Finally with an opportunity to prove herself, she does whatever it takes to remove herself from the limelight of her sister’s success. Employing women from different cultural backgrounds from the city to the country, and a dysfunctional but endearing former baseball player turned coach, the movie shows that women have a place in the history of major league sports.

In c…

Catch da Flava Radio - Indigenous Cultural Awareness

For this edition of Health Talks Youth Radio, host Diamond chatted about the importance of Indigenous Cultural Awareness with our youth panel. In introducing the topic, Diamond mentions that a person’s cultural background has a powerful influence on their personal development because as they interact and communicate with others, they draw from their cultural beliefs and values learned from birth. This is especially important to understand the different cultural perspectives people are coming from, especially the Indigenous community. According to a recent statistic, the number of the Indigenous population is estimated to rise to between 1.7 million and 2.2 million by 2031, or between 4.0% and 5.3% of the total population. With the Indigenous community ranging into the millions, chances are we will meet at least one Indigenous person in our life, which means it’s worthwhile to understand where they are coming from, their social-psychological background, so we can better commun…

Catch da Flava Radio - Native Canadian Centre of Toronto (NCCT)

For our May 22nd episode of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, host Travis invited a very animated, fun guest from the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, Edward Cyr. Starting with assisting members of the NCCT with housing concerns, he gradually moved to different departments and now works with youth for the organization. He chatted with us about how NCCT was created as an alternative outlet for the Indigenous community who did not find a lot of community meeting space that were not Christian and consequently places they couldn’t identify with. Now gradually becoming bigger and better, it serves a huge community and even invites people who don’t identify as Indigenous.
In discussing the various programs available at the centre, Edward chatted with Travis about the Okichitaw Indigenous Martial Arts Program and specifies how this is a different type of martial arts, specific to the Indigenous community. Most of what we know of martial arts originates from China and stars like Jacky Chan and Br…

Catch da Flava Radio - The Mighty Ducks

For this episode of Health Talks Youth Radio, host Travis walked us through a discussion on the Disney favourite “The Mighty Ducks”. About a group of kids in a local community who love to play hockey, they are the underdogs as they don’t find a lot of success in their team. Their last coach passed away and even when he was alive, he wasn't helping them out all that much. They since played for fun and never did anything serious. One day, a limousine pulls up where the kids are playing and stops all of them instantly. Out steps a man in a suit and a long trench coat, who tells them that his name is Gordon Bombay and he's the new coach. He's going through some issues at work and was told by his boss that he has to give back to the community and learn about teamwork- plus he hates kids. Through the interaction with the new coach and the untamed team, we see how both sides transform from the experience.

Discussing the movie, we wonder if Gordon has what it takes to l…

Catch da Flava Radio - Drug Use

For our May 15th episode of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we chatted about drug use and how we have either experienced or not experienced it. In citing popular public service announcements, we heard about the ways in which drug awareness was brought to the attention to the public, airing the popular PSA featuring Rachael Leigh Cook where she takes an egg as an example of one’s brain and smashing it to show the effects of drug use on the egg. Kylie talked about her lack of experience with drugs, not willing to use any or seeing any possible desire to want to use any. Kylie has stated she knows very little about drugs and in fact only really knows about marijuana, even commenting that she recognizes the smell because it is so often in her school, although she doesn’t smoke marijuana herself.

When talking about his personal experience in drugs, Travis agrees he has never really experimented with drugs like Kylie but has mentioned he has occasionally used recreational drugs but only …

Catch da Flava Radio - Youth Panel on Drugs

For this episode of Health Talks Radio, we interviewed some youth participants about their experience with drugs. We asked them five questions, which were about what they knew about recreational drugs, if they or someone they knew used them, would they consider using them, if they used them then why, and what new drugs have they heard about. Overall, the youth participants didn’t seem to have much knowledge or information when it comes to drug use and didn’t seem to have much of an interest in participating in drug use. The most popular recreational drug the youth knew about was marijuana. Some just knew that many people use it, the smell and use of it, but one youth participant claims it is not a recreational drug but an “herb” because it comes from a plant, so is more natural than most recreational drugs and is often utilized for medical purposes.

The youth participants had interesting responses to the questions, but most didn’t seem to have any special interest in pursuin…

Divas Girls Group - Self-Defense Session

Divas Session
May 11, 2018
Self-Defense Session

The girls had a great session this week! Reverend Deb Rapport and Sarah Smith, both self- defense instructors facilitated a session on self-defense. It was not Deb’s first time at Regent Park Focus. Around this time 3 years ago she facilitated a session, and when I contacted her for another session she was happy for the opportunity to come back again to teach self-defense to the girls.

The session began with an interactive and engaging discussion around self-defense. Most of the girls knew what self-defense was. One source stated that self-defense is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm. Shortly after the discussion, Deb and Sarah teamed up to show the girls some basic skills to use if/when they have to defend themselves. The girls were then encouraged to practice the skills on each other. Deb and Sarah went around the room and ensured that the girls had the skills down. The…

3D Modeling Workshops - 3D Bottles and Animation

Last week the 2nd of May, The great students started modeling individual bottles.

 On 9th May 2018 we will dive into basic Animation with the bouncing ball in focus and a continuation of our bottle modelling! - Jude

Catch da Flava Radio - Power of Storytelling

For this edition of Health Talks Radio, we celebrated Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week in Ontario by talking about the power of storytelling when it comes to dealing with issues of mental health. Host Diamond introduced the topic and welcomed our youth panelists to discuss the issues and the power of storytelling when it comes to dealing with our personal mental health concerns. Talking to our panelists, it’s clear they have dealt with their own struggles and that being able to talk about it has helped heal them. One of our panelists discussed that when she was young, she was diagnosed with bipolar and her parents immediately warned her not to discuss the diagnosis, to keep it quiet from everyone to which she felt as if she “had to wear a mask” around everyone, not being able to share her personal narrative. Another panelist discussed how talking about their personal journey has helped them heal and accept themselves as all they are. Identifying as gay, when they finally share…

Catch da Flava Radio - Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

For the May 8th edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we celebrated Children’s Mental Health Week as host Diamond sat down with Mike Stroh who is the creator of organization the mental health awareness organization “Starts With Me”. Discussing the significance of storytelling when it comes to issues of mental health, Mike’s organization looks to share personal stories of mental health struggles and triumph to help others heal. In his personal journey of development, Mike smoked marijuana almost everyday from age thirteen all the way to thirty, having no idea he was causing himself severe damage because there were rarely any stories shared about the negative side effects of substance use. Consequently, Mike’s been motivated to become a motivational speaker to talk about his personal journey in understanding what he went through in hopes others can find themselves in his tale and be motivated themselves to share their tale. In understanding the power of storytelling, Mike believes tha…

Powerful X Nature - Affordable Childcare In Ontario

Date: May 7 th , 2018

Hosts : Jeance & Seymouria

Guests : Professor Gordon Cleveland (UTSC); Laural Rothman (Ontario Coalition for Better Childcare)

Topic : Affordable Childcare

With the Ontario provincial election drawing closer, the Powerful by Nature team covered a topic close to our hearts : Affordable Childcare. Our hosts Seymouria and Jeneace led a powerful conversation with special guests Professor Gordon Cleveland, whose research focuses on the economics of early childhood and childcare policy, and Laurel Rothman from the Ontario Coalition for Better Childcare. Breaking down everything from the high costs of childcare in Ontario and Toronto to the three provincial party childcare platforms, our two guests gave us a roadmap for making childcare affordable and accessible for all, and (spoiler alert) if there was governmental will, there would be a way! Listen to this very special episode below and, if affordable childcare matters to you, remember to vote …

Catch da Flava - Karate Kid

For our May 3rd edition of Health Talks Youth Radio, host Travis introduced our show by discussing the movie we would explore, which is the new 2010 Karate Kid starring Jayden Smith, son of the famous Will Smith, and the famous martial artist Jacky Chan. Set in China, the movie explores how a young boy who recently lost his father travels with his mother to China after the economic downturn in Detroit makes it too difficult to live in their homeland. Upon arriving to China, young Dre (played by Jayden Smith) finds himself a target of a group of young bullies, facing racism and discrimination. Discovering a love of martial arts, he finds that his bullies practice is and soon employs the assistance of the maintenance worker in his building who has hidden talents in martial arts (played by Jackie Chan). In discovering his inner strength, Dre overcomes his inner demons and outer demons and wins the respect and regard of his adversaries and finds a new home in China. Discussing thi…

Catch da Flava - Indigenous Communities Dealing with Mental Health

For this edition of Health Talks Radio, we extended our conversation about the Indigenous community and discussed issues on how to support our Indigenous community in the struggles they face that range from emotional, psychological, and even around food scarcity and water supplies. Hosted by Gisela, we talked about how the Indigenous community continues to face struggles, such as the issue with water scarcity. In many reserves, the Indigenous community still has to rely on bringing in bottled water for everyday use including cooking, cleaning, drinking, and bathing. Water is so polluted and undrinkable and unhealthy for the community that they have to search outward for their solution. Growing up in these conditions, it would be easy for youth to think that this is normal and not realize that the resources are not as adequate as most developed communities, affecting their emotional and psychological health.

Other topics we explored is the ways in which the Indigenous community has ex…

Catch da Flava - Youth Wellness Navigators TCFNCC

For our May 1st show of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we had host Travis sit down and chat with the youth wellness navigators from Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre, Tasunke Sugar and Chantal McGregor. They talked to Travis about all the amazing youth services available at Toronto Council Fire. An organization that serves the general population, it specializes in developing services for the Indigenous community, but opens its doors to all. In discussing youth related services, they chatted about the Little Embers program, the Akwe:go program, and the Wasa-Nabin program. Each program promotes youth health and wellness, specializing in providing good nutrition to youth and focuses on different age groups. Evolving from its beginnings as a small meet up of members of the Indigenous community, it evolved into an organization with its own space and location, the closest to Regent Park Focus being at 439 Dundas Street East.

Tasunke and Chantal also chatted about the amazing project…