Powerful By Nature - The Criminaliztion of Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

Date:  January 14, 2019
Hosts:  Rhiannon
Guests:  Deepa Mattoo, Barbara Schlifer Clinic & PXN participant
Topic:  Criminalization of Women who experience, resist, or report Gender-Based Violence

We began by talking about the case of Cyntonia Brown. At the age of 16, Brown, a victim of sex trafficking, was charged in adult court for killing a Nashville man, despite telling police that she killed him in self defense after he bought her for sex. She was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole until she was 69. After activists across North America rallied for her release, the Tennessee governor office’s recently granted her clemency. She’s been in prison for 15 years and is set to be released this August.
While we may hear about it less often, women in Canada also experience criminalization because of state involvement due to gender-based violence. Indigenous women, black women, LGBTQ+ women and sex workers are more vulnerable to criminalization because of state involvem…

RPTV - POLITALKS – Suze Morrison Blog Post

Jenna Borisevich January 14, 2019
POLITALKS – Suze Morrison Blog Post
In this new segment of Politalks, Jason Clarke welcomed Suze Morrison back into the studio for another interview at Regent Park Focus Media Arts Centre.
Suze Morrison is currently a member of the Ontario New Democratic Party, representing the riding of the Toronto Centre. Having now worked in office for several months, Suze was able to provide us with a lowdown of her experiences since being elected as well the ongoing challenges she is attempting to confront.
Listen to the full interview to hear about Suze speak about her greatest priorities for the Regent Park community, her take on carding, her opinions on intersectional feminism, women in politics and Ford’s decision to cut finding to the College of Midwives of Ontario, as well as some tips around self-care during this politically trying time.
Please click on the following link to view the interview: LINK HERE ONCE AVAILABLE
For more information on Suze Morrison, p…

Little Divas Girls Program - November 30th & December 7th

The Little Divas girls program continued on with the songwriting process through the end of November, culminating with the girls performing and recording their own original hip-hop song, "Girls Like Us"! On November 30th, the girls came back together and practiced their own separate parts of the song that they had written with their partner or on their own. After a few practice rounds to make sure they had all the lyrics, rhythm, and tempo worked out and they felt comfortable with their parts, the girls took turns going down to the music recording studio at Regent Park Focus and recording their parts with the musical backing track. Each pair or individual was given the opportunity to record a few different takes of their part of the song, either to fix any mistakes they made or to try different styles or tempos or emphasis in their part. The girls did a really great job with the recording process, and also learned a bit about what it is like to record a song in a professiona…

Diva Girls' Blog Post - December 14th (Healthy Relationships & more)

This session the girls talked about healthy relationships. We started off by listing traits of a healthy relationship, then we listed traits of an unhealthy one. For a healthy relationship, traits like compromise, respect, and trust were listed, for unhealthy ones, traits like possessiveness, jealousy, and anger were listed. 

The girls talked about red flags someone should look out for. When asked what to do when someone you know is in an abusive relationship they said that the person needs someone to help get them out of that situation, I mentioned that some individuals who are in an abusive relationship may not be ready to leave and forcing them to may lead to more trouble than help. We then talked about the cycle of abuse.

So what are some things that can be done? A friend can help set up a safety plan, for example the person in the unhealthy relationship could text the friend a word, when the friend sees this word they would call the police. Because the girls did not know of many wa…

Catch Da Flava Talks About Refugees and Immigrant

Catch Da Flava had their final show of 2018 on December 18th. Our hosts for the show was Iman, Kylie, Shejuanah, Jessica and Meredith. They began defining the difference between immigrants and refugees and discussed why the difference is significant. The show consisted of some videos and articles where information was pulled from.

Our hosts also shared their personal stories about their families and friends who have had some difficulties immigrating to Canada, in order to create a better life for themselves and their future family, and also why immigrating to a bigger and more developed country essentially positively impacts families. They also spoke about the long process of immigrating to a new country and the rules and restrictions that apply to immigrants. Some of the main focus was on how immigrants and refugees increase our country's growth. Canada depends on immigrants to use our resources as we compete with other countries to get most people in Canada. We mainly depend on…

Diva Girls' Blog Post - December 7th (Rogers Trip)

This session the girls attended a trip to The Rogers Community Centre where the used everything we had learned in the past weeks. The girls were seated in a meeting room where one of the presenters, Samantha started off with the Land Acknowledgement.

After that she offered a quick run through of what we were going to do that day and talked about the people that were in the room. This lead us into the ice breaker. The girls were asked to list 2 things they wanted people to talk to them about and walk around in the room looking for someone they have never spoken to before.

The girls listed things like: the future, their name, cooking, food, and more. There was a lot of diversity in the things both the girls and the women that work at rogers stated. After the ice breaker they went back to their seats and the women at Rogers started speaking.

A guest speaker, Tracy Moore from Cityline Tv, started first. her presentation was on confidence, resiliency, and how things are unexpected.

Tracy …

Little Divas girls' program - November 9th & 23rd

The Little Divas girls' program continued into November, taking a break for November 16th when the girls had a PA Day.

The next concept we began exploring with the girls was feminism! We obviously started with what feminism is and what types of things feminists believe and advocate for. Below is a sample of the basic ways the concept was introduced and explained for the girls.

After the girls had a basic grasp of the concept of feminism and what it means to call yourself a feminist, they were asked whether they would consider themselves feminists personally. Even though the girls generally agreed with the basics of what feminism is, they were still hesitant to accept and embrace the actual label of "feminist" for themselves. This led into an interesting discussion about why the girls felt that they would not immediately label themselves as feminist, even though they did agree with the views and ideas that comprise feminism as a concept. We also then discussed why other p…

Powerful By Nature - Drug Use and Harm Reduction

Date:  December 10th, 2018 Hosts:  Paola 
Guests:  Frank, Street Health Topic:  Drug Use and Harm Reduction
This week, Paola hostedan episode on drug use and harm reduction. The first half of the show, focused on the overdose crisis in North America and the importance of safe injection sites and non-judgmental wraparound services for drug users. Starting off with an interview with Frank from Street Health, we learned a little bit about the history and meaning of

Diva Girls' Blog Post - November 30th

This session the girls created pieces to show and present during the Rogers Communications trip that will be taking place on December 7th.

When the girls first arrived the got into groups. There were 3 groups in total and each would be working on something different. One group worked on a spoken word poem, another on a collage, and the last group worked on searching for songs that described confidence and talking about why it was special to them.

Some of the songs the group had picked was:
                                      - Hall of Fame by The Script
                                      - Idol by BTS
                                      - Survivor by Destiny's Child

The spoken word poem was one about finding confidence in wearing the Hijab and had to do with all the stereotypes that are imposed on females that wear the hijab.

The last group worked on a collage that showed confidence.

After that the girls brainstormed some questions to ask the workers at rogers. There were …

Diva Girls' Blog Post - November 9th & 23rd (Rogers Trip Planning)

For these 2 sessions the girls worked on what they want to achieve after their trip to Rogers Communications on December 7th. They are hoping that it will help them get the knowledge and resources they need to create media related products in the future.

The girls continued brainstorming ways to present information, this being through a television broadcast, a radio program, magazine articles, news reports, and podcasts.

Because they really liked the idea of a podcast we went off from that and listed a couple of topics. They came up with 11 topics and voted on four to work on.
These were:
                                  - Racism
                                  - Feminism
                                  - Gentrifications
                                  - Mental health

After they picked these 4 topics we went further in depth about what exactly we would want to talk about in each topic, we completed racism and gentrification last time, this time we talked about mental health an…

Catch da Flava on Mental Health & Mental Illness

On Tuesday November 27th, Radio Regent's Catch da Flava youth radio show explored the topic of mental health and mental illness. We were fortunate enough to have guest Mike Stroh from mental health organization Starts With Me on the show with us as a guest. Mike answered a number of great questions from the youth and had some important and thought-provoking discussions with us about mental health and mental illness. For more information about Mike's work and Starts With Me, visit

We started off the show the way we usually do when we are introducing the topic or issue for the day's episode, which is to provide a definition or general explanation of the main concept. Mike made the important distinction between the terms "mental health" and "mental illness" for us and our listeners.

The youth started the discussion off by asking Mike to talk about some of the most common forms of mental illness, especially for youth in particular.…

Catch Da Flava on Youth Advocacy - Special Guests!

Catch Da Flava's show on November 20th was about youth advocacy and activism. The hosts for the night were Iman, Kylie and Jessica. They had the honor of interviewing the talented singer/songwriter Errol Lee and his amazing son Shay Lee. They didn't only answer some of the questions asked by our hosts, we also had the honor to hear a little snippet of them singing together. They also elaborated on some of their life experiences. For instance, how they got into the music industry together, their musical background etc. Errol Lee creates music for youth to teach them how important it is for everyone to care and love each other with his top songs "I'm Somebody" and "We Care".

Our hosts had several curious questions for their guests and they had the opportunity to learn about their views on youth advocacy and why self-worth is important for everyone. Errol Lee's mission is to "combine singing, dancing and a meaningful message into a educational …

Catch da Flava on Racism

On November 13th, Radio Regent's Catch da Flava youth talk show explored the topic of racism, with hosts Shejuanah, Thalia, and Kylie. As usual with our shows, our lead host for the week, which was Shejuanah this week, started by introducing a general definition and description of the topic for this episode of the show. 

Then we discussed the history and origins of racism, from Biblical times to colonialism and slavery, to the civil rights movement of the 1960s. We spoke about how racism was used towards Indigenous peoples as a tool to make them out to be lesser than white settlers, and towards Black people during slavery to make them out to be a lesser class of people. 

We also spoke about how racism impacts politics and political candidates who run for various levels of government, as well as law enforcement and the justice system. We discussed the differences in policing and sentencing of white and racialized people, including racial profiling through practices like carding. We a…

Powerful By Nature - Abortion

Date: November 26th, 2018 Hosts: Paola
Guests: Fred Chabot, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights Topic: Abortion  This week, Paola hosted an episode on abortion. Sometimes, the decision to get an abortion can be simple and other times complicated. Either way, abortion is one of the most common medical procedures performed. In 2015, approximately 20.4% of all Canadian pregnancies ended in abortion and over 90% of those were performed in the first trimester. We started the show by interviewing Fred from Action Canada who told us about the history and fight for abortion legalization, busted the myths about abortion including that it’s completely unregulated in Canada (it is), it’s unsafe (it’s incredibly safe) and that most people who have an abortion regret it (they don’t). For the second half of the show we took listener questions and talked about how important it is to be pro-choice and to support every person’s right to bodily autonomy, a right that is under attack worldwide.

Diva Girls' Blog Post – November 16th (Brainstorming)

Many of the girls came to the conclusion that they would like to take part in a podcast. After brainstorming a list of ideas, they had picked 4 topics they would want to talk about. These being racism, gentrification, mental health, and feminism.
Because these 4 topics are quite broad, we started talking about how we could incorporate them into the podcast. 
The girls brought up issues like the double standards in beauty, an example being how recently, many non-black women get positive attention and even praised for having features that black women naturally have and have faced years of being shamed because of these exact physical attributes. They also talked about privilege and how many people, even