Catch da Flava Radio - Living with Disabilities in Canada and TCHC

This week we talked to Author and Public speaker A.J Withers about how disability and poverty are connected and how we can make a difference in our community by speaking out and standing up for the less fortunate and the disabled. A.J spoke with host Divine and co-host Omar about A.J’s event that was held on July 20th, 2017 at 40 Oak Street in Regent Park.

A.J talked about what they discussed during the event including the accessibility and availability of good quality community housing for the less fortunate and disabled in Regent Park. A.J also talked about the social problems in Regent Park for disabled people. Statistics Canada shows that people with mobility issues often live in substandard accommodation. Standard housing is affordable, requires little to no repairs, and is not overcrowded. Affordability is often the most common problem.

A.J also shared where we can find their book around Regent Park and Toronto.

A.J’s book covers most of the topics they talked about during t…

Catch da Flava Radio and RPTV Productions

This week (Aug. 7-11) youth participants had another show of Catch da Flava youth radio, exploring the topic of race in North America. The first segment involved a debate with two participants along with a moderator and judge. The second segment focused on a discussion of race in general. The debate involved answering whether racism in Canada against Indigenous people was worse than racism in America against Black people.

Participants were also engaged in assisting with filming for a community partnership with The Neighbourhood Group’s Kickstart Camp, and The University of Toronto. Topics covered and filmed for included “Everything Free”, “Freedom & Peace”, “End Bullying”, “End Racism”, and “Fresh Water.” Camp kids were ready to film, having memorized their scripts and provided visuals and some choreography for their filmed segments.

Later in the week, participants commenced work on video editing the filmed footage, along with working on revising their proposals for a sh…

Month Two, The Indie Game Dev Catalyst Club

We’re into the swing of August now, and today’s class is playing through Mario levels, examining and determining “difficulty ratings” of the challenges presented to the player. Certain challenges will kill you if you fail. Others will not. Do the ones with greater reward have harsher potential punishment? Where do they occur? And just what is “skillgating”? Cutting edge game-analysis here in class…. even if the game is 30 years old.

Other students, less interested in analyzing platformer games but more interested in telling stories through interactive means, are working on their individual projects… the fantasy WWE game has music being coded in, and in Blender3D, another student’s dreams of a death-spirit from a void realm has simplified into “I’m going to make a geometric animation for my stream channel”. So now we’re figuring out how to make pentahedrons out of a cube.

Meanwhile, other students are creating custom “Pokemon” in our growing database of a combat system wi…

Month One, The Indie Game Dev Catalyst Club

With the first month of the RPF indie game dev catalyst club drawing to an end, there's a lot to talk about.  The young creatives have answered the difficult question of "what do you want to create?" with some pretty awesome projects.  

After picking up basic programming skills, one creative has begun working away at a graphic novel game.  You play as an emerging WWE character with the ambition of winning the women's championship belt. "Make alliances and beef with foes in this game of social choice." Produced using Renpy.
A group project has been started.  One youth has been diligently learning C#, Unity and the Dungeons and Dragons gaming system with the intent of designing and coding a Pokemon-like battle system.  Two other youth are also learning Unity and C#, their plans are to code the adventure mode (over-world) and menu systems that will, with the battle system, complete a simple/small Pokemon-like game.  However, the collaboration does…

Catch da Flava Radio - August 1st, 2017

Radio Blog - August 1st, 2017

This week on Catch Da Flava we talked to a teacher named Marcia who shared her insightful experiences on teaching in Nunavut. Her passion to work with children and to become an inspirational figure for a generation has not only fueled her decision in teaching in Nunavut above other places, but has driven her to continue teaching in Nunavut for 3 years and going despite a lengthy 10 years in Jamaica.

We discussed the expectations not only she had going into Nunavut but also the expectations community, students parents and staff had of her ;whether that be negative or positive; and how she combated those negative stereotypes she may of experienced being a person of colour.

Marcia also talked about the misconceptions of aboriginal schools have acquired due to the media's negative outlook and how he experience on teaching in Nunavut clashes with these perspectives. In contrast the school that she was placed in had resources similar to those in the sou…

Underground Vybes blog - July 27th, 2017

I interviewed rapper Emiricus Brown from Harlem, NY on this show. Emiricus is a unique artist who has his grassroots experience in poetry and is slowly trying to expand his rap interests as well. Emiricus is an amateur producer, and has only recently tried his hand at producing instrumental beats, available on his Soundcloud page. I started the interview with him asking questions about his youth and his early years dabbling in poetry and channeling his creative energy. He told the story of his youth, stating that he grew up anting to channel the hatred of the educational institution and the flawed system into is works in high school. He said that his poetry style grew as he advanced in age, and expanded from romantic poetry, to topics like politics and societal issues. Rap, he said, came naturally to him because of this. Throughout the interview, I asked him questions about his upcoming EP, his musical inspirations, and his role as a student at Emory University. I ended the show by pl…

Summer Audio Production - Week 2 - 3

In the second week of the Audio Production class, we touched on some basic composition and musical modes, but the practicality and interest level of the topic was lower than moving forward with mixing and focussing on sound rather than theory. In week three, we looked at more functionalities of basic recording knowledge, such as internally recording audio and sampling, and simulating space around a sound source with digital reverbs and EQ. This led us to discussion of editing audio for film and TV, and how a background in improving or manipulating sound quality for basic effects such as nearness or space is also beneficial in mixing music.

Also in the third week, the students began working on audio replacement for minute-long segments of film. They were asked to find pieces of film which included foley, scoring, live sound, and dialogue. This tasked them with a holistic approach to the DAW by requiring them to work with both audio and midi, to record and to mix, to create auxiliary …