Divas Media Group - Make Up Tutorials

During this weeks Divas' Group (Friday May 19 ), the ladies from the program began by reflecting on last week's activities as well as the distribution of prizes for the winners from The Visual Arts competition. Winnie Payne, a Co-op student from Nortredame High School, judged the visual art pieces and she selected Sumeya, Fazra and Faduma as the winners. The young ladies each received a prize and posed for a commemorative picture.

Tusma Sulieman, a George Brown College Community Worker Student facilitated this portion of the workshop. The workshop theme was healthy skin and make-up application. Tusma began by demonstrating the proper way in which one cleanses, moisturizes, applies eye shadow, lipstick, bronzer, blush and mascara on the face and skin. The young ladies were then randomly placed into groups of two to work on each other and recreate a natural all day luminous look. The young ladies then spoke about the products they used to create the looks and share their…

French Connection - French Food

Radio Regent
De Paris à Toronto – The French Connection

Our second show broadcast on Thursday May 18th was focused on French food in Toronto. We have been in Toronto for over a month now and we have to say that we miss French food!!! So the idea was to talk about this in our second show.

Where could you find french food in Toronto ? Where are the most popular french restaurants ? Is there any events in Toronto that promotes french products and food? We listened to a french chef who works in Lavelle, a restaurant in King Street. He spoke about his experience here, his ambitions and the way that he cooks french products. We also talked about the difference between French and Canadian food. What kind of food people love here ? How they eat ? Lastly our food radio show was an opportunity to talk about some nice places in Toronto where food has an important presence. Tune into French Connection every Thursday from 2 pm to 3 pm.

By Gabrielle Rousselle and Cassandra Chaillou producer…

Catch da Flava - Let's Talk About Sex!

Let’s Talk About Sex!
During the month of March and April, the Catch da Flava youth radio collective partnered with Planned Parenthood Toronto to plan, produce and host a sex education radio series on Radio Regent. The radio series consisted of four, one hour long shows that aired every Tuesday in April from 6-7pm. The preparation for the series started in early March with brainstorming sessions with young people involved in Regent Park Focus and Planned Parenthood youth volunteers. In the brainstorming sessions, there was an in-depth and candid discussion on various aspects of awareness, education and communication about sex. After hours of discussion, the participants came up with four themes -highlighting related issues on each show and took on various tasks to prepare the shows for broadcast.
First Show- Sex Education in the education system The first show aired on 4th April, Tuesday, hosted by Cyinthia, Winnie, Nicole, Deondre and Ahmed. For this show our volunteer reporters h…

Divas Media Group - Friday May 12, 2017

Friday May 12, 2017

Today at Regent Park Focus the Diva Girls had a blast with George Brown College Community Worker Student Tavianne, The young ladies were seated in a semi circle table and placed randomly in to groups of four. The young ladies began the workshop by choosing a name for their group and a group captain. The young ladies then began playing Diva Feud. The premise of the gameshow was to test their knowledge on Celebrities, Local News, Geography, Politics and Sports. The ladies worked well in their groups often displaying their competitive sides and proving that they were an assist to their respective teams. At the end of the Diva's Feud, all participants were given a prize for their outstanding sportsmanship and participation.

The young ladies then went on a break for refreshments.

After the break, the young ladies remained in their previous groups. The ladies were then asked to showcase their artistry and visual arts skills. The young ladies where asked to draw…

Diva's Media Group - Toronto Public Health Nurses

Diva's Media Group

Friday May 5, 2017

Today at Regent Park Focus the Diva girls had an exciting day with Community Worker students Tavianne and Tusma. The workshop began with an icebreaker where the young ladies were asked to share an experience that was memorable and special from the current week. The young ladies then divided into two teams in which they then chose a name for their team. After the naming of the group, the ladies began playing Diva Jeopardy. The categories within the Diva's Jeopardy consisted of Canadian Politics, Social Media, Sports and Entertainment. The young ladies collaborated with one another, the ladies performed well under pressure and aimed to encourage one another throughout the game. The game concluded with the winning team receiving a prize.

The workshop took a break for refreshments.

After the break the ladies reflected on past discussions with Toronto Public Health Nurses from a prior workshop on nutrition, the importance of eating health…

Session 24- Mental Health Awareness

This week (April 21) the focus of the Diva Girls group was on mental health. I did the facilitation of the workshop. We started off with a little discussion on what mental health is and then we watched a few videos. Then we organized a debate panel on what causes mental health issues.

Afterwards we played a game which involved soft balls being thrown at each other. The goal was to catch the balls and prevent them from dropping to the floor. This was to demonstrate that you can only handle so many things at once before dropping them and that’s what happens when you have stress.

Following the break the girls did a little quiz on myths and facts on mental health statements. A lot of the girls did perfect on the quiz and this showed that they knew the most basic facts and myths about mental health.

The girls then ended the session with a little breathing exercise to reduce stress and anxiety

Lysandra Lobo

Youth and The Law Media Project

Over the past two months dedicated staff from Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre has been working with young people at John Polanyi Collegiate Institute (JPCI), a Toronto District public school located in the Lawrence Heights area, to run a 12 week after-school project. The project is dedicated to educating young people about the law and was funded by the Ontario Law Foundation. 15 high school aged youth registered in the program. Here is a summary of the project to date.

The first session began on February 16th with the facilitators, Adonis Huggins and Patrick Reynolds, introducing themselves and finding out more about the program participants through name games and ice breakers. This was followed by a discussion about the goals and objectives of the program and finally an exercise to determine how knowledgeable the youth were about difference between Civic Law and Criminal Law. Most of the youth had very little understanding of the difference between Civic and Criminal law.