Catch da Flava Radio - Supporting Our Youth (S.O.Y.)

For the April 17th edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, our host Erika welcomed Karina Ramos in studio to talk about their placement experience at S.O.Y. which stands for “Supporting Our Youth” and is a safe space and LGBT+ positive environment for youth that identify themselves as part of the community. Located at 333 Sherbourne Street, it provides all kinds of events, programs, groups, and activities to help youth understand their sexual identity much better and be at home with themselves. S.O.Y. accepts youth 29 years and under and provides free services that range from housing, employment, and mentorship. As a placement student from their school, Karina identifies as queer and trans and says they loved the experience being part of the S.O.Y. family.

Discussing their experience in S.O.Y. Karina talked about what it’s like to do content for the organization, what it’s like to be part of the community, and why this was a fulfilling experience for them. Not only did Karina answer a…

Web Game Design - Workshop #1

<start> Tuesday, April 17th marks the start of the Web Game Development Program. I am pleased to have participants of various coding backgrounds, who are eager to learn new skills. One student has self-taught experience, and another just wrote his first line of code in class Tuesday afternoon. We covered an introduction to the course, and discussed overall goals and possibilities. I included a fun quiz on Kahoot, and enrolled them in a simple Google Classroom that I created for file and information-sharing purposes. I taught a beginner lesson on how to use HTML and CSS Tuesday, and plan to begin the first project next week. My hope is to have participants form project teams in the following weeks, but some participants are only able to attend on specific days. As the course progresses, I am confident participants will have clearer goals as to what they want to create. For now, I am teaching the basic curriculum to the students, and also adapting it to individual skill-l…

3D Modeling - Hyper Shade

The 12th of April saw the students learning skills in Maya (Hyper shade). At the end of the Lesson students can now apply color (blinn) to primitives using the hyper shade.
- Jude

Catch da Flava Radio - Babes Brigade

For our April 10th edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, host Diamond sat down with the lovely and energetic Resident Babe, Stephanie Battieste who created the all-girls skateboarding group Babes Brigade. Stephanie was so excited to share all about her skateboarding group and what it does to bring new life to the skateboard scene. With a background in graphic design and fashion, Stephanie increasingly found more interest in skateboarding and started to post on social media when she would be out at the skate park, inviting and interested friends to come along. She subsequently developed a following that grew into Babes Brigade, a fun space for girls to gather and skateboard.
When asked why she wanted to create Babes Brigade, Stephanie said that whenever she went to the skate park, she often saw other girls there intimidated to be one of the few girls there in the skate park. Having girls together creates confidence for them to gather around and really learn the tricks of skate and lea…

Catch da Flava - Women in Sports

For this portion of Health Talks Radio, host Diamond talked about women in sports and asked our panel of all-women outnumbering the lone male questions about women in sports. Travis, our only male panelists, claims he was not at all intimidated and switched into accents to ease the tension. In discussing the barriers to making sports more accessible to girls and women, Diamond talked about the discrepancies in women and men and mentioned she learned that the WNBA has smaller basketballs for women in the league than that of the NBA. Playing devil’s advocate, Judy mentions that perhaps this would be justified since women tend to be generally biologically smaller but in the vein of equity, then the hoops should be lowered to accommodate biology as well, to which Diamond does not believe has been done, which highly suggests there is discrimination in making basketballs smaller for the WNBA.

When talking about how sports helps men and women get healthy, we wonder if promoting sports as a …

Music Program - March 2018

March 2018

I’ve just finished month two of the music production program and I’m past the growing pains stages of the program and am finding a flow with the students that regularly return to the program.

I’m really grateful for all of the regular students because it means that we get to move past the introductory elements of using music production software. As the students develop familiarity with the program’s foundation, students are able to ask questions involving more advanced elements as the songs that the students work on find their sound.

Some students have asked to come in on off hours, which is great news for me as it suggests the students have found their own drive and motivation to create with this powerful software. And other students have asked for copies of their compositions so they could show their friends which means they’re really proud of their work!

This has been a really exciting program to work - especially as students develop the faculty to hone and develop thei…

Catch da Flava - Coach Carter

In 1999, Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) returns to his old high school in Richmond, California to get the basketball team in shape. With tough rules and academic discipline, he succeeds in setting the players on a winning streak. But when their grades start to suffer, Carter locks them out of the gym and shuts down their championship season. When he is criticized by the players and their parents, he sticks to his guns, determined that they excel in class as well as on the court.

We had a discussion panel about the movie for Health Talks Youth Radio on March 5th which has a lot to do with with youth health. In those days, basketball was all those boys had so it was literally you're either in the gym or on the streets. Some points that we came across was that it was hard out there for the parents and the youth. Everybody had their own issues and dilemmas which didn't leave much room for "proper parenting". One can only imagine so…

Catch da Flava - Youtube HQ Shooting

For this episode of Health Talks Youth Radio, Erika talked about the shocking shooting in San Bruno, California at Youtube headquarters. Happening in real time, all our youth panelists learned about the shooting as it unfolded individually, through various social media platforms. This comes at the heels of another recent shooting in Florida that prompted marches across America to stop gun use because of all the devastating news on unsafe gun use. The panel discussed the way in which it affected everyone, how it affects the emotional and mental health of people in a situation, and gun use in general. Erika mentions that when she started highschool and found out there was violence on sight, she ran home because she was so unfamiliar to such an experience that it so immediately affected her mental and emotional state. When discussing how gun violence affects use, we shared about our own memories of high school and incidents of violence occurring in the school system and how thi…

Catch da Flava - National Association of Cannabis Professionals

For our April 3rd episode of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, host Travis talked to president of the National Association of Cannabis Professionals, Carolyn Tinglin. In light of the passing of second reading for the bill to legalize marijuana in Canada, the government has predicted sale of recreational marijuana will likely take effect around the end of Summer, in September. From discussions on the bill, to the benefits of marijuana use for medical purposes, to how to understand and identify the difference between therapeutic use or substance abuse of marijuana, Carolyn is all answers for this conversation. She discusses what it is in marijuana that creates a “high” for users of the medicinal plant. She shares some important information when it comes to marijuana use in youth and how youth can address it in friends or in themselves.

When discussing why Carolyn decided to create the National Association of Cannabis Professionals (NACP), she cited her background work in nursing a…

Catch da Flava - Concussions

For our March 29th episode of Health Talks Radio, we talked about the movie "Concussion".

Will Smith stars in Concussion, a dramatic thriller based on the incredible true David vs. Goliath story of American immigrant Dr. Bennet Omalu, the brilliant forensic neuropathologist who discovered CTE, a football-related brain trauma, in a pro player and fought for the truth to be known. Omalu's emotional quest puts him at dangerous odds with one of the most powerful institutions in the world. He is pushed to the fullest as he becomes a neuropathologist defending himself in court. A jack of all trades you could say, as he falls for his roommate who later on in the movie becomes his wife. In discussing youth health and how it ties into the movie, it is about football and the human brain. It is not hard to see why it important to make sure your body is safe before getting ready to go on the field and take on a tremendous amount of physical contact. We had a panel discuss…