Catch da Flava Radio - Immigrant Women's Integration Program (IWIP)

For our December 5th, 2017 Catch da Flava Radio Show, host Erika welcomed back Geneviève Ramage to finish up their last conversation from a previous show in November. Then she discussed the Immigrant Women’s Integration Program (IWIP) that is offered at the TD Centre for Learning with some audio clips of past participants and their experience in the program. Then we welcomed in studio former participant and current graduate Maria Arteaga. Maria talked about her experience in the program, how she learned useful life skills and her experience in adjusting to a different country, learning things you never had to consider like “layering” her clothes, and even the term “layering.”

Maria currently works with the Toronto District School Board and teaches Spanish lessons at the TD Centre for Learning. She has shared about her unique experience from once being a student at the centre and now being a teacher. She has shared how the roles has changed the ways in which she responds to the class…

Music Prodcution - Blog 2

At Regent Park Focus throughout these weeks, Hopeton has imparted workshops imparted collaborative songwriting, writing help, harmonizing. Youth explored ideas, shared stories found commonalities with their peers, and converted these experiences into song form. That process generated a few original songs that the participants helped to mould from start to finish.

The technical knowledge acquisitions that happened during some of these sessions were sampling from online audio sources, sampling instruments, learning the difference between generating sound from internal program sounds and external audio inputs, and synchronizing rhythms.

Every participant got an introduction to basic music theory in order to input melodies with the piano keyboard as their input device. An understanding of why certain notes are "harmonic" vs. "dissonant" made their note selection to all the audio works more delightful to the ear. If melody hiccups were still made, the participant wa…

Catch da Flava Radio - CRC and Police Presence in Regent Park

For our November 28th show of Catch da Flava Youth Radio on Radio Regent, we invited a guest from The CRC which is a local community centre in Regent Park. Cavell Hart joined us for the first half of the show and shared with us on air about holiday festivities going on in the neighbourhood, highlighting an upcoming Winter Market hosted in Regent Park. It will start off in the Big Park with pretzels baked on location at the Bake Oven, before heading over to The CRC to see all the local vendors and the products they will sell. The event hopes to support local businesses by giving them an opportunity to sell their products, and an opportunity for local food industry professionals to provide food services in the community.

There will also be a free movie screening for kids to get them in the spirit of the season with a holiday classic, and other free activities for kids including gingerbread decorating. The events will take place Thursday, December 7th from 5-8PM EST at 40 Oak St. w…

Powerful X Nature - Healthy Relationships

Date: Nov 27, 2017


: Anny & Victoria


: Wendy De Sousa from METRAC

: Healthy Relationships

This week our hosts Anny and Victoria led a conversation with our guest Wendy De Sousa from METRAC who helped shed some light on what a healthy relationship and unhealthy relationship looks like, what consent is and how we can unwillingly contribute to the concept of consent such as kissing on the cheek as a form of affection.

The second half of the show our hosts led a conversation about the cycle of abuse, the honeymoon phase and what someone can do if they know someone is in an abusive situation. Wendy shed some light on where someone who is being abusive can receive help.

We also spoke about what stalking is and how technology is making it easier for people to be stalked online, especially when one leaves their abuser. We went into detail about online safety when dealing with a potential stalker which includes how to get a restraining order if needed. Our m…

What The Health?: Celebrating our Unique Bodies

What The Health?: Celebrating our Unique Bodies

Diva Girls Group

November 24th 2017

This week the divas started off with their favorite icebreaker, circle rock. Shortly after the icebreaker the diva girls watched a health slideshow. The divas were shown 6 photos on the screen and had to write down whether the person in the picture is healthy or unhealthy, privately in their notebooks. After they watched the slide show, Londzo and Maymuna discussed which photo were healthy and unhealthy and if the divas disagreed, they would have to elaborate on why they disagree.

The divas also worked on a “What The Health? “Pie chart. The divas were spilt into 2 groups; each group was given a piece of chart paper and markers. The chart paper had a big circle with four labeled quadrants. The quadrants were labeled as physical, mental, spiritual and sexual. At the top, each group had to define what the 4 versions of health meant to them. Once the groups were finished working, they present…

Catch da Flava Radio - Children's Mental Health Ontario

For our November 21st edition of Catch da Flava Youth radio, we started things off with host Diamond leading a panel discussion on anxiety and how it plays a role in student attendance. According to a recent survey commissioned by Children’s Mental Health Ontario, interviews of parents and their children suggest that both age groups miss school and work to cope with mental illness, which explains why anxiety would be a barrier to social productivity, such as being present in school.​

We asked our panelists, Beverley, Erika, Joel, and Johanna some questions regarding the topic including how they cope with anxiety and stress, if they’ve ever experienced overwhelming anxiety, what they feel contributes to anxiety-related absences in school such as other life obligations, or pressures from school. Other questions focused on significant players in the issue, such as the school board’s role in aiding students, the provincial government’s resources and funding for mental health fo…

Divas Girls Group - A Love Letter to Me

Divas Blog

Nov 17th 2017

This week the diva girls explored new creative writing styles. They first started off with a circle rock, where we sit around a circle and we shared one special thing about ourselves. Shortly after that the divas played a Parts of Speech Game.

The girls had to define an adjective, verb, noun and ad adverb. Then they were split into two teams, the teams had to write down as many adjectives as possible that started with a special letter like P. As rounds progressed they also were told on how many syllables the adjectives must have.

The diva girls really enjoyed the game and after playing a few rounds the girls watched a Haiku video. After watching the video the divas learned about what a haiku is and each girl was given a word, and they had to write a haiku about it without using the word they were given. Once they were finish writing their haikus, other members of the group had to guess what the word was!

The divas had a snack break full of healthy…