Catch da Flava Radio - Panel Discussion About Mental Health

For the second half of the panel, host Erika walked us through a discussion of how mental health is addressed in the education system, and how we can go about making things better. Some of the questions include why we think there is stigma around mental health, how we can go about making things better in the education system and even at home, and how the education system can change to make mental health something positive. Erika shared that she dislikes how we use the term “crazy” when we talk about people suffering from mental health issues because she feels it’s dehumanizing and dismissive of what the person is going through. Other panelists chimed in to share about their own understanding of mental health.

Iman talked about mental health and mentions that when it comes to mental illnesses, there are such a diverse number of illnesses and even so, each illness will manifest in different ways per person so inevitably the way any one of us defines mental illness will be different than how another person defines it. Accordingly, he believes that because of the diversity in opinion on mental health issues, sometimes it makes it difficult for us to truly understand what mental health is. We discuss how understanding and helping others going through mental health issues requires a great deal of emotional maturity to hold space for those suffering. This kind of emotional maturity is hard for people to understand and would be helpful if we taught it in school. Overall, we hope our audience learns to cultivate compassion for those experiencing mental health concerns. ​

We’d like to thank our panelists for being on air: Iman, Judy, and Travis.

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