Catch da Flava - Space Jam and Youth Health

Does anybody remember the movie Space Jam? It’s about the Looney Tunes needing the help from the greatest basketball player alive, Michael Jordan. Bugs Bunny and the gang were visited by a group of little aliens who told them that they were sent from Moron Mountain to take them back to be the main attraction for their theme park. I think this movie created an interesting outlook on youth health. For example the scene where Michael stretches his hand all the way from half court to score the winning shot. Imagine the things going through a youth’s mind, wondering what it would be like if they could actually do that in a game. It can work out positively as well as negatively. But to keep on the positive side, seeing the best basketball player in the world achieve something like that says to our youth that they can do anything they put their mind to. Here’s a basic sum up of the questions asked:

1) The movie starts out with Michael Jordan as a kid practicing, and his dad giving him a pep talk about practicing late into the night. Then he goes to take a shot in the distance, scene cuts in between that moment to the future where he’s the Legend, dunking the ball in the stadium. How do you think kids react when they see that?

2) Do you believe youth health played a key role in this movie?

3) So in the movie, Michael retires from basketball to play baseball the same his dad did but he doesn’t find success in it. Do you think he should’ve stocked to basketball or was it good to try both?

4) Considering that his dad played baseball and His Airness went on to play basketball professionally, do you think sports skill is in the genes or is it just his dad’s influence that made him succeed?

5) After striking out, MJ comes home to his son finishing his own baseball game and striking out too. What do you think it’s like to have MJ as your dad, the shoes you have to fill. Do you think a kid with a sports dad would be affected by this?

Every answer to these questions reflects the diverse responses but the one thing that these replies all had in common was consideration and understanding. The key factor is that anyone could relate and it’s safe to say that this movie is still a family favourite still to this day. They even had a special day at Cineplex showcasing this movie on the following Saturday! This is one way to show you that Space Jam has had a huge impact on every type of audience, sometimes it’s the smallest things that create a big outcome. Space Jam covers a lot of sensitive areas that all families can look back and reflect on. It’s like your most favourite dish at the dinner table- you just gotta have it.

Youth health played a key role in the movie because it shows us what it looks like to be motivated to give it your all, mentally and physically. You witness even Michael Jordan looking like he was ready to throw in the towel ​

and how he was reminded not to. Family is very important, they're your background in any bad situation or whenever you feel like you are trapped with no way out.

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