Divas Girls Group - Spoken Word Practice

The Diva Girls Group

March 23, 2018

A sweet break from Button Poetry’s routine Friday afterschool workshop brought out the stage, the mic and strong Diva voice.

Facilitator in training OMO led the afternoon with a small activity; the girls collectively created their own 'check-in' using reusable speech bubbles and shared with the group their ideal sweet treat choices. Our Divas got specific, naming summer hits like strawberry ice-cream, melon popsicles and caramel popcorn as some of their favorites. After sharing their favorite treats, the Divas were challenged to purchase their favorite choice with a budget of $20, in the real world...The catch? Not everyone received $20; with that in mind, the Divas were then asked to think about solutions to the income disparity between them; suggested actions of approach included, sharing the $100 budget, cancelling out acquired resource if they shared the same identity, asking parents to become independent funders and, as expected, independent thinkers thought to look towards themselves to gain support to achieve the task. Unashamed, some of the Divas pointed out that money management wasn't really their thing, opting to give their money to Youth leader Jade for safe keeping and distribution. Community accounting was brought into order proving that the Divas could create their own treasury and maintain the accounts. After talks of the budgets, it was reminded that if the budget had not been spent on snack items, it would be returned on the upcoming Friday, for further instruction. Note: Next Friday is a Holiday so there will be no Divas Girl Workshops taking place inside Regent Park Focus.

Once the girls had their budgets in order, the Divas were sent on a mini treasure hunt to collect a hidden treat "Cookie Dough Ice Cream"! The game was expressed as being "A little Wild"& "Fun" changing the pace and setting the tone for the rest of the evening.

At 6PM the girls returned to regular programming, taking turns in participating in two mini show rehearsals. The first run-through went by smoothly, with some added youth insight, the second round provided opportunity for a more engaged and focused atmosphere, housing strong female voice through Poetry sharing. To future guests; it is reminded that the summative show will take place on April 20th 2018, we will be looking forward to a highly anticipated night of healthy entertainment and female empowerment through Youth led arts and culture programming.



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