Catch da Flava - Sex Ed In Schools

For this edition of Health Talks Radio, host Diamond talks to us about sexual health and what we learned through school and institutions. When asking about our earliest experience learning about sex, each panelist talked about their diverse and oftentimes hilariously confusing experiences. Erika talked about how her parents lied about how she was mailed to them in a box, and Divine talked about his understanding of it through the stork and then learning the truth through ruthless classmates. The panel talked more about their earliest memories learning about sexual health in school, and how early it started. When discussing their first lessons on their menstrual cycle, Erika took it up another level sharing a news article on a young girl who used a tampon for nine whole days without removing it from her body, causing toxic shock syndrome and the tampon being “disintegrated.”​

Talking about other issues in the body, the panel talked about the effective and ineffective things they learned from health class. Travis talked about how the things we learn in school doesn’t really translate well when it comes to actual relationships, how unnecessary it is to know the specific terms of body parts in actual relationships. Diamond talked about how in school, she actually had a test to study the scientific terms for sexual body parts, meaning there was a very sterile approach to sexual health in some of their lessons. When considering how to talk other generations about sexual health, Divine thinks he will be very honest with his theoretical children, not using any euphemisms to explain how babies are made. Erika believes she will use a metaphor about her child as a “pie” where parts of “mommy” and “daddy” go together to “bake” for nine months to make the children, thus continuing the tradition of lying to children in her family.​

We’d like to thank our panelists for this entertaining talk: Divine, Erika, Judy, and Travis.

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