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Multi Media Summer Intern Blog - July 9, 2018

Multi Media Summer Intern Blog - July 9, 2018

For the first week of the summer multimedia internship at Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre, we had the great time of not only meeting the people we would be working with throughout the summer; but got to create our own interactive storytelling project with a partner using the platform, Eko. With this project the youth were able to plan and create a summer story in which imagination would thrive as, Eko allowed us to use video footage we planed and shot as well as those found online.

Additionally by using this platform we had the power of creating pathways that would enable the the viewer to choose between alternating paths within the videos and story structure as well as being able to view multiple videos at once. This all being possible with the use of this free online platform showed to us by our New Media Coordinator, Shian Grace.

Later on towards the afternoons the summer intern group would work collaboratively; whether i…

Catch da Flava - Youth Answer Questions on Sports

For this episode of Health Talks Youth Radio, we share an interview we did with a few youth participants about their feelings on sports, and the level of participation they have in it whether as an athlete or spectator. The interview was quite interesting with a handful of participants. We find that they gravitate to different sports, and Ultimate Frisbee seems to be the underdog sport in this interview session. The questions we asked our youth participants were:

What’s your favourite sport and why? Do you participate in sports? Which ones? Why do you like/dislike sports? Would you recommend sports to others and how would you do that? What sport do you wish you can get into?
We wanted to share this conversation not just because sports is a fun way to get our bodies fit and active, but because it relates to our show on “Flubber” and how sports equipment enhances sports performance. There’s definitely a lot that sports has to offer in our lives, whether we are active participants, or cheerlea…

Catch da Flava - "Flubber" and Sports Equipment to Enhance Performance

For our July 5th episode of Health Talks Youth Radio, we introduced our show with a discussion on the movie “Flubber” and how sports equipment enhances sport performance. Flubber is a movie about mad scientist Professor Philip Brainard and his insatiable need to create more and more scientific innovations. He’s engaged to Sara Reynolds, a part of the college faculty and they are trying to get married for the third time since the last two times he forgot because he was busy creating more inventions. He misses his third and final chance when he gets caught up creating “flubber” a polymer substance with free will and the capacity to multiple the energy that is given to it. So if you bounce it on the floor, it goes up and down repeatedly and rapidly given only one little toss. In between, he has to win back the heart of Sara, fight off his mortal enemy, and defend his creations against an evil parent and his bratty son.

Some of the questions we asked the youth panel when it comes to this …

Catch da Flava - Panel Discussion on Exercise

For this edition of Health Talks Youth Radio, we had our panel discussion that explored the topic of exercise. Not only is the weather better in Toronto that it would encourage people to celebrate the use of their bodies but exercise more than ever is an important and vital component to healthy living for youth.

According to the latest study by Preventive Medicine, it analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination that tracked over 12,500 people aged 6 to 84 years to log how many of their waking hours they spent active and how many they spent sitting. It shows the older people are, the more inactive they becoming but shockingly the research shows that 19 year olds spend as much time being inactive and sedentary as 60 year olds. Considering that, it’s clear we need to get a move on when it comes to exercise!

Some of the questions we asked our youth panelists were:

What do you think accounts for youth being as inactive as seniors? What is pulling them away from e…

Catch da Flava - Interviews on Exercise

For our July 3rd edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we started our show with a series of pre-recorded interviews from youth participants to get their take on exercise. The interviews were conducted to try to understand how youth participants are dealing with their body’s changes and how they perceive the adequacy of their bodies. Especially in our modern times where most youth want to just hang out indoors and scroll through endless memes on social media, exercise seems to be something fundamental we must reclaim.

We asked them five questions which were:

How much exercise do you think you do a day? A week?

Do you consider yourself physically fit/healthy? Why or why not?

What ways do you want to improve your physical health? How do you think you can achieve this goal?

Do you enjoy exercise? Why or why not?

What kinds of exercise do you participate in? What are some you want to take up?

We ended off this show with a song that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit throu…