Multi Media Summer Intern Blog - July 9, 2018

For the first week of the summer multimedia internship at Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre, we had the great time of not only meeting the people we would be working with throughout the summer; but got to create our own interactive storytelling project with a partner using the platform, Eko. With this project the youth were able to plan and create a summer story in which imagination would thrive as, Eko allowed us to use video footage we planed and shot as well as those found online.

Additionally by using this platform we had the power of creating pathways that would enable the the viewer to choose between alternating paths within the videos and story structure as well as being able to view multiple videos at once. This all being possible with the use of this free online platform showed to us by our New Media Coordinator, Shian Grace.

Later on towards the afternoons the summer intern group would work collaboratively; whether in groups or pairs; to plan a series of projects that would involve the surrounding community of Regent Park. Projects such as radio shows, magazine articles, newscast, as well as independent projects were all discussed as we bounced around ideas regarding these projects as well as many more. Overall the first week has been interesting in addition to being quite enjoyable as the group of youth eagerly goes about sharing thoughts and ideas. Accordingly more is anticipated going into the next week of Regent Park Focus multimedia summer intern program.


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