Catch da Flava - Interviews on Exercise

For our July 3rd edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we started our show with a series of pre-recorded interviews from youth participants to get their take on exercise. The interviews were conducted to try to understand how youth participants are dealing with their body’s changes and how they perceive the adequacy of their bodies. Especially in our modern times where most youth want to just hang out indoors and scroll through endless memes on social media, exercise seems to be something fundamental we must reclaim.

We asked them five questions which were:

How much exercise do you think you do a day? A week?

Do you consider yourself physically fit/healthy? Why or why not?

What ways do you want to improve your physical health? How do you think you can achieve this goal?

Do you enjoy exercise? Why or why not?

What kinds of exercise do you participate in? What are some you want to take up?

We ended off this show with a song that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit through mastering their body. It is Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” which was featured in the movies for “Rocky” that tell the tale of a man who pushed his body to the limit to become a great boxer.

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