Catch da Flava - Youth Answer Questions on Sports

For this episode of Health Talks Youth Radio, we share an interview we did with a few youth participants about their feelings on sports, and the level of participation they have in it whether as an athlete or spectator. The interview was quite interesting with a handful of participants. We find that they gravitate to different sports, and Ultimate Frisbee seems to be the underdog sport in this interview session. The questions we asked our youth participants were:

What’s your favorite sport and why?

Do you participate in sports? Which ones?

Why do you like/dislike sports?

Would you recommend sports to others and how would you do that?

What sport do you wish you can get into?

We wanted to share this conversation not just because sports is a fun way to get our bodies fit and active, but because it relates to our show on “Flubber” and how sports equipment enhances sports performance. There’s definitely a lot that sports has to offer in our lives, whether we are active participants, or cheerleaders on the sidelines.

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