"What is That?" - Episode 1

What is That?: Episode #1

Levi, Valentina, Matthew, Divine

Last week we filmed our pilot episode of What is That?

The three of us tried and rated each one of the mysterious food items brought in. The items consisted of a bag of chips called “Tyrant habanero super spicy mix“, a drink called “Ramune”, an unfamiliar fruit called a dragon fruit also known as pitaya, and a healthy nutritional bar called “Maze Bar”. We all tasted them, then gave our honest opinions about them. The chips were given an overall rating of 3/10, Ramune was given a overall rating of 4.5/10, Pitaya was given a 7/10 and Maze bar was given a 5/10.

The pilot episode turned out to be very comedic and educational, which made it engaging with anticipation for the next. We did a great job at keeping the discussion going even if it was just random conversation and staying enthusiastic throughout. A few things we could do differently for the following shows is to keep the cameras rolling for the whole episode and maybe invite guests to engage in the show. The cuts in the footage present a challenge for editors and would be much easier with just one long recorded segment. But, overall this episode served as a suitable introduction to our new show What is That and we hope to film even better content for the next episode.


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