Summer Blog - July 27th - 31st, 2018

By: Levi Linton

This week introduced some new techniques to the group as well as the development of old ones. We began the week by learning about basic computer coding and how we can use the language in our projects. We began practising our skills on MIT App Inventor, which is an online gaming engine which allows anyone to create applications for the computer and Android devices. The objective by the end of the week is to produce an engaging app for the audience assigned to each group. Everyone has ideas, but now they must execute them.

Continuing with the projects from last week, interns have been editing their footage, planning out their independent project ideas and finishing their articles. Matthew has already written the script for his independent project and is in the process of finding actors to feature in the short feature film. Radio Franco is airing their third show on Wednesday with featured guest, Sekouba. The RPTV team is in the process of editing their pilot show What is That, which should be uploaded by the end of this week. Once the first show is finished they will be moving on to the second show focused on sneakers. The intern group working on Politalks is in the process of editing their show with featured guest, George Smitherman. The RPTV news team is really busy this week finishing up edits for three shows including coverage of Taste of Regent, Gun violence in the community and the fire at Daniel Spectrum. Many interns also have radio segments coming up next week that need preparation for scriptwriting and contacting guests.

For example, Divine and I will be discussing recent gun violence in Toronto on Catch da Flava Radio this Tuesday. Brandon is also having his show later this week and next week called Ask the American , marking his second and third segments.

The pressure is piling up over the next couple weeks, but the interns are staying on task and handling the workload extremely well. We are all excited to see the final submissions for these projects and hope that the community will enjoy them as well.


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