Divas Girls Group - Relationships

Divas Session

June 22, 2018


The girls had a great session this week!

Monica Gore, a 614 Salvation Army community worker from Regent Park, facilitated a workshop on relationships. Although the girls are not dating yet, today’s discussion was very relatable with respect to other forms of relationships. Monica talked about relationships with: partners, spouses, family members, siblings, friends and others; and within those relationships you can have unhealthy, healthy or co-dependent relationships. A person’s self-worth and self-esteem are factors that sustain relationships; so if a person isn’t feeling good about him/her self or have low self-esteem he/she is likely to be in an unhealthy relationship. Monica then read some relationship scenarios relating to self-worth and self-esteem, where the girls had to decide if the relationship was healthy or unhealthy. The girls did an amazing job with the scenarios! The girls were then divided into two groups where they had to come up with scenarios on healthy and unhealthy relationships with respect to a family member/sibling or a friend. The girls scenarios were amazing, as they work together as a team and respected each other’s opinions on the appropriate scenarios to present – well done girls!

Monica shared her personal story that she is a survivor of abuse as a child, which had an impact on her self-worth and self-esteem. The girls had a lot of questions which were understandable, and Monica answered them. She also shared that she was in an unhealthy relationships for years, then got out and is now in a healthy relationship. Monica mentioned that if you let someone continue to verbally or physically abuse you then they will continue that pattern until you put a stop to it!

The session ended with a comment from Monica: it is important to note that we live in a country (Canada) that has a system in place which allows us to have choices and there is nothing that can keep us in an unhealthy relationship but ourselves!


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