PowerfulXNature: Sexual and Reproductive Health

Date:  June 11, 2018

Hosts:  Jeneace

Guests:  Frédérique the Director of Health Promotion with Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights and Jackie Coakes from Toronto Public Health

Topic:  Sexual and Reproductive Health

This week, Jeneace led a conversation on Sexual and Reproductive Health with special guests from Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights and Toronto Public Health. With Fred from Action Canada, we talked about why comprehensive sexual education and sexual health resources empower people to lead happy and healthy lives and have safer sex. We talked about the stigma surrounding abortion, the most common gynecological procedure in Canada, and the history and struggle that led to the legalization of abortion in Canada although access to abortion remains unevenly distributed across the country to this day. 

In the second half of the show, Jeneace talked to Jackie about Toronto Public Health’s work, STI information that young people should know and where to get free or low cost birth control in the city. We learned OHIP+ covers many types of birth control for youth under 25 although it doesn’t cover Plan B and Jeneace discussed how the common $45 cost of Plan B at most pharmacies can be prohibitive for some people. 

Our music selection this week featured:
  • Amara la negra - Insecure
  • P!nk – Raise your Glass 
  • Alessia cara – Scars to your Beautiful 
  • 2pac – Keep Ya’ Head Up 
Visit https://www.actioncanadashr.org/ for information about Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights. Action Canada offers a 24-hour Canada wide toll free number and email service that provides information on reproductive and sexual health and referrals on pregnancy options at 1-888-642-2725 or access@actioncanadaSHR.org

Visit https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/health-wellness-care/health-clinics/sexual-health-clinics/ for a list of Toronto Public Health sexual health clinics that offer: Birth control counselling, Low cost or free birth control, Free condoms. Low cost emergency contraception, STI testing and free treatment, HIV testing, Pregnancy testing, counselling and referral and sexuality and relationship counselling.
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