Catch da Flava - School Stress

For our June 26th edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we introduced our first half with our topic school stress, to celebrate the end of it now that school’s over and we can enjoy our summer. We’ve interviewed a handful of youth who were either in school or fresh out of it, and how they dealth with school stress. We played as a pre-recorded interview and we asked them all the same five questions which were:

How stressful would you consider school, how is your school work load? Do you think it is manageable?

What are some ways you cope with high levels of school responsibilities?

What would you suggest they do different in school to help kids with their stress levels?

Do you ever indulge in unhealthy habits because of your stress levels? Like overeating, video game playing etc. What are your habits and why do you think you gravitate to them?

What are some healthy ways to manage school stress?

In light of the prevalent issue of school stress, we’ve noted that several reputable research reports have fun repeatedly that the highest issues when it comes to school stress is depression and anxiety. For students dealing with very real issues when it comes to their personal health, we encourage them to seek help especially with their guidance counsellors and school administrators who would be very familiar with the issues around school stress.

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