Catch da Flava Radio - Eating Habits

For our June 19th episode of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we shared a pre-recorded clip for our first half. Interviewing a few youth participants, we asked them a few questions when it comes to issues of eating habits. Eating habits are an important topic for youth to consider because it is usually the time when people start to develop eating disorders so understanding how they eat and their views of healthy eating habits is important to know how we can monitor our own views of eating.

When it comes to healthy eating, youth tend to have similar ideals and definitions on what are healthy eating habits and healthy foods. The participants seem to enjoy talking about their favourite junk food often, having very clear and very specific junk foods to highlight. Generally, it seems that our youth participants are quite healthy and eat fairly balanced.

There were a few questions asked, which include:

1. Do you consider your eating habits “healthy”? What’s your definition of healthy eating?

2. What are some ways you think you can change your diet to improve your health?

3. What’s your favourite junk food? Why?

4. What’s your favourite fruit? Your favourite vegetable? Your favourite meal? Why?

5. What do you think are some “healthy” junk foods? Can kids eat unhealthy all the time or eat healthy all the time, or is it a balance. Why or why not?

We’d like to thank our youth participants for answering a few questions candidly when it comes to eating habits.

Listen to Podcast:

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