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For our June 5th edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, our host Diamond introduced representatives from Counterpoint, Blanca Alvarado, Clara Castillo, and Bruce Scavuzzo to talk about the services available at the organization. Counterpoint Counselling and Educational Cooperative is an organization whose mission is to provide holistic programming for men, women and children that transforms the causes and consequences of domestic violence. To achieve this mission, they offer educational programming to perpetrators of domestic violence, and provide survivors with a comprehensive system of support. Counterpoint also contributes to community development efforts through community education and coalition buildings. Welcoming into studio, Diamond asked them a few questions which include:

1. Can you tell us about Counterpoint and what the organization does?

2. What are the resources for women trying to overcome circumstances of intimate partner abuse? How do you help children involved in these circumstances?

3. The organization has been running a little over 20 years now, can you tell us how you have had to respond to issues of intimate partner abuse differently through the years, how that definition has been expanded and the ways we understand what intimate partner abuse is?

4. Can you explain to our on air audience what "intimate partner abuse" is, what forms it can take, what are some warning signs as a partner that may be in potential harm, how to navigate a space outside of that which allows a person who faced it to thrive?

5. Can you tell us a little more in depth about Counterpoint's Women's Advocacy Program?

To find out the answers to her questions, tune into our audio archive of our show.

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