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For this episode of Health Talks Youth Radio, host Diamond shared on the topic of healthy eating and good nutrition and how kids these days can go about doing that with the hectic lives they live. She discussed the importance of vitamins and minerals in one’s diet, like having calcium for example for strong bones and healthy white teeth especially because young people are still growing so it would be an essential for their diets. Diamond looks to address Millenials in this conversation, asking questions that include:

How do you think today's youth view health and nutrition as a whole? Do we as a generation seem to take our health of granted?

When does healthy eating become dangerous?

What are the issues and problems associated with eating too much junk food and not enough healthy foods.

There’s little use denying the fact - social media affects your health. Be it physically, psychologically, or a dangerous combination of the two, our addiction to our screens can have some pretty dire consequences to our health if left unchecked. What ways can social media affect one's physical health?

Instagram, a perfect example where today's youth consistently see society's beauty standards - slim, sleek and healthy? Do you agree with this? So then what is the difference between being “thin” and being “healthy”?

In discussing these questions, the panelists shared their own stories about healthy lifestyles and how to stay in shape but still have fun. Beverly talked about being in the gym and seeing guys becoming over-aggressive in lifting weights, commenting on how unnecessary it is to do that, as an example of when we are “over-doing” healthy lifestyles. We discuss balancing our diets and staying healthy does allow us to have “cheat” days where we allow ourselves to indulge once in a while. We also address the role of social media in making us less active, since this is an issue that this generation especially will face that is unique to other generations.

We’d like to thank our panelists for being on air to discuss healthy eating: Beverly, Gisela, Judy, and Travis.

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