Divas Girls Group - Self-Defense Session

Divas Session
May 11, 2018
Self-Defense Session

The girls had a great session this week! Reverend Deb Rapport and Sarah Smith, both self- defense instructors facilitated a session on self-defense. It was not Deb’s first time at Regent Park Focus. Around this time 3 years ago she facilitated a session, and when I contacted her for another session she was happy for the opportunity to come back again to teach self-defense to the girls.

The session began with an interactive and engaging discussion around self-defense. Most of the girls knew what self-defense was. One source stated that self-defense is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm. Shortly after the discussion, Deb and Sarah teamed up to show the girls some basic skills to use if/when they have to defend themselves. The girls were then encouraged to practice the skills on each other. Deb and Sarah went around the room and ensured that the girls had the skills down. The girls did a good job practicing on each other, and they even worked in some exercise. I enjoyed this session because I leaned some self-defense skills as well.

The session ended with some final comments from Deb and Sarah: self-defense builds self- esteem, self-confidence and assurance; 2) it is a good skill for young girls and others to know; 3) a person is never too young or too old to start to learn self-defense as it grows and develops with the person.

Next week; Chris Leonard, a former community worker from Regent Park will facilitate a resiliency workshop.

By: Pat Whittaker


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