Divas Girls Group - Resiliency Session

Divas Session
May 18, 2018

Resiliency Session

This week’s session was great! Chris Leonard, a former community worker from Regent Park came back again to facilitate a resiliency workshop. When I contacted Chris for another session she was happy as it provided another opportunity for her to give back to the youth and the Regent Park community. 
The session began with a check-in around the day or setbacks in the week. Some girls said they had a good day, some said they didn’t have a good day, and one girl said she had a stressful week at school. Chris mentioned to the girls that in life things and stuff will happen which will set them back, however if they view the experience in a positive light they can overcome it; eg .you failed the test, no problem, it’s one test, you’ll overcome it – resilient! Another example is:you know something isn’t right and you need help; so you reach out to get the help you need –resilient! 

Chris also mentioned that as human beings we can be judgmental of others; however to not
practice that mindset because we do not know that persons story. 
The session ended with a comment from Chris: as young racialized women we will have a lot to deal with, in life, at home, at work, at school, on the streets and, no matter what happens we have the power in ourselves to bounce back, because - we are resilient!

By: Pat Whittaker


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