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For our May 1st show of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we had host Travis sit down and chat with the youth wellness navigators from Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre, Tasunke Sugar and Chantal McGregor. They talked to Travis about all the amazing youth services available at Toronto Council Fire. An organization that serves the general population, it specializes in developing services for the Indigenous community, but opens its doors to all. In discussing youth related services, they chatted about the Little Embers program, the Akwe:go program, and the Wasa-Nabin program. Each program promotes youth health and wellness, specializing in providing good nutrition to youth and focuses on different age groups. Evolving from its beginnings as a small meet up of members of the Indigenous community, it evolved into an organization with its own space and location, the closest to Regent Park Focus being at 439 Dundas Street East.

Tasunke and Chantal also chatted about the amazing project that Toronto Council Fire is overtaking called the Restoration of Identity program, which will launch a large art exhibit at City Hall Toronto, with a large sculpture of a turtle overcoming a boulder to symbolize that the Indigenous community is overcoming the boulders that have been set in their path such as the legacy of residential schools and the difficult challenges of living on reserves, something that remains today. Addressing the issues around healing and restoration, the art exhibit has commissioned the highly-regarded Indigenous artist Solomon King to create the sculpture of the turtle which is said to be over six feet in height and length. The exhibit will be opening later in the Fall time.

We’d like to thank Chantal McGregor and Tasunke Sugar for sitting down with our host Travis Acheampong to chat about all the resources that Toronto Council Fire has to serve its community. For more information, check out their website:

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